It’s Official: Famous Band House On Beacon Ave. For Sale

We never thought we would see the day come — the family home of Gwen and Eric Stefani on Beacon Ave. is now for sale. How incredible! If you’re not familiar with the house… it’s where it all started! The band would hold rehearsals and even recorded our favorite album, The Beacon Street Collection, in the garage. It’s the top No Doubt landmark on “the tour” to Orange County for fans, even I’ve made the trek down there in 2009 for the first time and took photos. What an opportunity and how crazy would it be if a fan owned it one day? The going price is $325,000 and there is an open house to the public this weekend. What a piece of history! We are just thinking all of the fans should come together and turn it into a museum for the band… anybody interested? Congratulations to and we wish good luck to the next owner of this treasured home, we’re dying inside a little!

FIrst Team Estates — You have an opportunity to own a piece of Anaheim and Orange County History. The ‘Beacon Street’ house is famously known because a local band known as No Doubt recorded an album and 2 videos at this home. The home, which was originally a 4 bedroom, is now a 3 bedroom (a wall can be put up to make it a 4 bedroom again) with 2 baths. It has a large yard in the front as well as a large yard in the back. Newer roof (2004) and some newer dual pane windows. Newer laminate wood flooring in the living/eating room and the hallway. Good area, one of the best streets in tne neighborhood. Walking distance to Disneyland. Close to schools, transportation, shopping and FWY access.

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  1. Lets all buy it guys! This would be an amazing museum!! I’m super sad it’s for sale 🙁
    If I was rich I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this wonderful piece of land! 🙂

  2. OMG I’ve been stalking this house since I was in high school! I actually met a girl at a bar and starting talking to her because she lived around the corner from the beacon st. house– and now she’s one of my best friends! LOL! What day of the week is the open house? I am highly likely to go because I’m totally that creepy! OMG

  3. I think all of us fans! Should show up to the open house this weekend!!! Along with NO DOUBT music playing! 🙂 Jst for fun and to check it out! I know ill be there with my sister! It would be a great and fun to be part of some no doubt memories! Wasn’t traped in a box a video shoot here! As well as the famous one Just a Girl!

    Well hope to see some of u guys here this weekend!…

  4. I just so coincidentally happen to be making the trip out there this weekend. I was absolutely floored to hear this. I will definitelybe taking some pics.

  5. I bet the price will rise on this quick! I’d like to buy it if I could get it at $325,000 but I smell a bidding war coming on. Gonna ask my realtor.

    1. Ask who the lender is, even the realitor with the listing didnt return my email when asking who the lender is on this as its a short sell.

    1. Short sell is good if you have the time to wait…my last purchase was a short sale and it took 6 months to the day. I haven’t seen anything that states lender or if its even lender approved short sale. Which makes a huge difference.

  6. Disclaimer: English teacher and ND Fan.

    Okay, I know I’m going to sound like an anal vocabulary fiend, but I just HAVE to say something. “Infamous” means well-known but bad/evil (i.e., Hilter) or something notorious, and there is NO WAY This house is that. “Famous” is a better fit.

    Love you site!

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