Is No Doubt’s “Psycho” Appearing on Upcoming Film Soundtrack? (Updated)


According to, No Doubt’s unreleased song “Psycho” (written during the Push and Shove sessions) is set to be included in the upcoming film Demolition. The film, which is in post-production now, stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Naomi Watts is set for a 2015 release.

“Psycho” is the only song included on the soundtrack as of now and features writing credits for Gwen, Tony and Tom. Tom explained why the song didn’t make the band’s last album due to the track never coming together right. Apparently No Doubt tried re-working the song several times but then agreed to move on. The band didn’t reveal much about the song while writing and recording just that it featured a “killer trombone solo” from Gabe.

We hope “Psycho” will be included and finally see the light of day!


Fans may have to wait for “Psycho” a little bit longer. A few fans Tweeted Tom about the news and he responded that it was news to him. Interesting…

Photo courtesy of No Doubt.

7 Replies to “Is No Doubt’s “Psycho” Appearing on Upcoming Film Soundtrack? (Updated)”

  1. I think that we can listen to a little bit of Psycho in the “Webisode 2: In The Studio”. I remember when they said that they were working on 3 tracks that day. They was “Looking Hot”, “Sparkle” and probably “Psycho”. I remember they said they were working on Psycho too. From 0:43 to 1:16, and then 1:27 to 1:42. you can listen to a different song which isn’t Looking Hot nor Sparkle. And they always used instrumentals from the album in the webisodes. I think it is Psycho and I like the song. It’s really exciting to hear that we’re going to listen to that song in the future, I wanted it so badly.

  2. I really hope so!!! I was just talking about it a few months ago that it drives me crazy that I know the name and know it exists but that I’ll never hear it.

  3. They probably re-worked the song during the 2013 sessions and finished it. I hope this is true. Would love to get a new No Doubt track this year.

  4. The one used in Webisode 2 could be it. It sounds VERY inspired by Ghost Town by The Specials. But they did mention it had a killer trombone solo so it makes sense.

  5. Ughhh. This update makes me sad. I feel like back when the album was coming out, one of the boys (maybe Tom) said the song would never see the light of day because they could just never get it to “work.” But I wanna hear itttttt

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