Tom Honored By Irvine Public School District (Updated with Videos)

Mieke and Erin shared photos from a gala held tonight by the Irvine Public School District that honored Tom with an award. Both Tony and Adrian were there to support and to present him the surprise award! Tony shared another photo on Instagram as well as his heartfelt speech that he gave in Tom’s honor.


IPSF – 2015 Honoree Tom Dumont from Irvine Public Schools Foundation on Vimeo.

IPSF 2015 Spirit of Excellence Gala – Tony Kanal & Adrian Young from Irvine Public Schools Foundation on Vimeo.

Check out this incredible video that was used to honor Tom during the event which featured rare family photos and intimate interviews with the rest of the band. It’s such an awesome tribute to such a well-deserved spirit and we couldn’t feel any happier and proud of Tom!

IPSF also shared a video of Tony and Adrian’s speeches and Tom accepting the award. What an emotional moment and we’re very thankful for it being shared for all fans to see.

Our friend @TomDumontND received the Spirit of Excellence in Music award from the Irvine Public School Foundation last night. @AdrianYoungND and I had the privilege of introducing him. A few honest words about Tom that I got to share before he accepted his award: "I first met Tom 27 years ago when he called the phone number on a flyer we had put up at our rehearsal space saying we were looking for guitar player. In walks this heavy metal loving guy with long curly hair who had actually studied music seriously. He shredded on guitar and took the musicianship of our band to the next level. That long-haired metal head is now one of my closest friends. The longer I know Tom the more I admire him. His passion for music, business, design and the ocean are only trumped by the love he has for his awesome wife Mieke and his three boys, Ace, Rio and Koa. I learn from Tom everyday. He is considerate and sensible, intelligent and well read. His eternal optimism is nothing short of infectious, especially in times when that positivity is needed. We have toured around the world and back again and besides being on stage, some of the best times we have shared were the conversations we’ve had as we walked the streets of so many distant cities together, hashing out the complexities of life under the Eifel Tower or the Manhattan sky line. We’ve had an incredible journey from our Orange County public school roots to where we are today. I look forward to many more musical adventures and family vacations with Tom. It is an honor to call him my friend, bandmate and brother. This award is much deserved and well-earned.”

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This guys brothers showed up to present his award. 💥💥💥 @tomdumontnd @adrianyoungnd @tonykanal love you all!!

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7 Replies to “Tom Honored By Irvine Public School District (Updated with Videos)”

  1. Congrats!
    That’s really sweet, especially the surprise part.
    Highlights one of the many reasons that I love NxD – the band is made up of good caring people.

  2. What an honor for Tom…and how sweet of the boys to surprise him. I love their close friendship and I’m surprised they don’t get together and do a side project not related to ND.

  3. OMG who else wanted to cry??? The look of surprise on his face when Adrian and Tony show up…awwww!

    Gotta love how Adrian sticks out amongst a sea of tuxedos lol!!

    And I want to know more about this studio time!!!!!!! lol

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