Instagrams: Rehearsal Down Times

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The band is back at rehearsals today and shared a few photos from their session including Adrian getting some acupuncture done. Tony shared a photo of himself practicing with a bass guitar hinting to at least a partial possible acoustic set. Wishing them all the best!

24 Replies to “Instagrams: Rehearsal Down Times”

  1. Frederic, it’s the other way around. Adrian was into it long before Gwen. I think he started doing it during the 2009 tour.

  2. It’s not negativity, it’s more of tanking something of my chest. It’s an universal true here that if one decides to say something bad about Gwen, there will be people on the attack in order to defend her. What kinda irritates me (and I know I’m not the only one), is that most of the comments are not offending her or calling her names and stuff, but yet, whoever decide to speak their minds, gets offended or reprimanded. I love the work Jenny does here and I don’t want to see her comments section becoming a franchise of the official forum.
    And back to the subject… it was a bit odd not to see any pics of her or any activity on her social media accounts regarding the rehearsals. She’s been so active lately to promote her stuff, that it was strange not having her saying anything about that.

  3. Has it occurred to you that maybe Gwen didn’t bother to snap a pic? In fact Tom tweeted last Saturday implying Gwen would be there. Maybe she was for an hour or so?

    “Its Saturday but all I can thnk about is Monday: rehearsing w @GabrialMcNair @BaxterBeezy @AdrianYoungND @gwenstefani & @Tonykanal @nodoubt”

  4. Everything suggest, that she is making with No Doubt a second (new) career after their long hiatus and after P&S ? It’s rather positive !
    Now, they do it ! Maybe, theirs songs will be best or worst than before their long hiatus. But they try to work well now, it’s the essential !

  5. It doesn’t surprise me one bit that Gwen hasn’t joined them yet.. I remember during P&S her saying she didn’t rehearse much. I’m sure the guys have more to work to do anyway and maybe they’re taking their time and enjoying each other’s company too!

  6. I don’t think they really “rehearse”. I’m sure they know how to play the songs they’ve been playing for 20 years. I guess they just like to hang out, but prefer to call it “rehearsing”? And Gwen had to do all these promo appearances for The Voice, which are probably part of her contract. She will probably join the guys eventually.

  7. Just wondering……… Do any of you think there’s a chance the new No Doubt album will be mostly material written for P&S but didn’t make it on the album???

    Here’s my reasoning. While making P&S No Doubt tweeted describing what the songs sound like but when P&S was released it was a very different album than what ND had been tweeting about all the awesome guitar/bass riffs and drums were not on the album.

    So somewhere between those tweets and the finished product decisions were made to overproduce it and water it down. I don’t if it was Rebel Waltz or the band that made that decision but obviously something went wrong that caused the bad results. And I know the boys in the band had been working on No Doubt material long before Gwen got involved. I think the boys had been working on new songs even before TSE era ended.

    When I heard Gwen was doing both a new ND album and new Solo album I got worried like if she was struggling before to balance music and family and P&S failed then how is she going to succeed this time around? Obviously they aren’t going to repeat the same sound with P&S part 2. So that’s got me thinking they’ll use material that didn’t make it on P&S. Either material from the P&S (pre-watered-down) or they’ll use material the boys had written prior to that prior to before Gwen got involved. That would allow them to put out different/better songs so they don’t have another failed album and it would be less effort/work than if they started from scratch.

  8. it’s obvious, that if gwen is less implicated to elaborate songs with her musicians, then the songs will be with something less, maybe less soul. It’s her choice. Everybody know that No Doubt is not longer her priority number 1 in her life (maybe 3 or 4) and for the musicians maybe the same thing.
    Maybe, we haven’t to expect others albums will be better than P&S, moderate success !
    But they try to come back in music, it’s respectable at less.

  9. Travis– They were working on new music for a while, but nothing came into fruition. Gwen said that every song they made ended up on P&S. In RoS and RS, they had several songs that they recorded that didn’t make the album, but this time, everything they made was put on the album.

    During LAMB– she had a few extra songs, enough to make most of an album, but when making TSE she was so excited she made a whole new album, with only like 2 LAMB extras put on it (initially it was supposed to be mostly LAMB leftovers). She had spare songs from the TSE sessions as well… one was Sparkle she added to P&S.

    I think most of those won’t see the light of day (even though we all want to hear Candyland).

    My hope: She releases a big colab, 2 months later releases a solo album and starts to record with ND, and after the 4th solo single, wait 5 months then releases a ND album.

  10. Travis – The songs on P&S weren’t different than described. People – as usual – read all kind of stuff into random tweets and statements and – as usual – ended up being disappointed, because of their own odd expectations. I remember people thinking that P&S would be a full ska album, because the album cover looked so “ska”.

    And as others have said before: There is no unreleased material from P&S. All they ever worked on during the P&S session were the songs that made the final album. (Except for a song called “Psycho” that they never finished).

  11. Yeahyeahyeah I agree in that it’s not good to read too much into the tweets and assume things. But my disappointment was not based on an assumption from reading too much into the tweets rather my disappointment was because P&S lacked the quality that made previous No Doubt albums good.

    P&S lacked the acoustic drums and energy that past ND albums had. P&S is the most watered – down overproduced album I’ve ever heard. It was closer to sounding like a Gwen solo album than a ND album. Even though Return of Saturn didn’t do well at least it did well enough to justify a tour. In my opinion I believe the reason ND didn’t do a national tour for P&S and ended their relationship with Rebel Waltz has something to do how P&S was poorly written and produced. Besides any issues with Rebel Waltz that may have affected P&S also the fact ND reduced the amount of effort and studio time in half compared how much they used to spend on past albums is another thing that affected the quality. It’s just like exercise if a person reduces time spent in a gym that will affect how strong or healthy they are. The end result matches the amount of effort. So less effort equals less results.

    No Doubt uses having families to justify the lack of effort or time spent on music which to a degree is understandable. But there are many other bands/artists that also have families yet they manage to still put in the time and effort without sacrificing the quality of the music. Gwen is a mother but she’s a millionaire with tons of resources to help manage music and family. There’s tons of ways to make balancing work. I think it has more to do with lack of passion/desire for No Doubt and poor decisions by Rebel Waltz that affected the quality of P&S than families.

    Another thing I was referring to is prior to the P&S writing sessions I seemed to remember Adrian saying they had 4 albums worth of material but maybe they’ve trashed that and don’t wanna use it.

  12. Personnaly, i prefer that No Doubt produces more often music ( whatever the quality : bad, moderate, great ) than nothin during a long hiatus. Nobody works always his best level. Maybe that the real fans can forgive easily moderate or bad album because they like always singer’s voice and soul and musicians’s melody whatever the level.

    We don’t forget that musical factory win less money than before. So maybe they have less pression around them to produce big success but only pleasure ?

  13. Even though I don’t like everything Gwen or No Doubt does I still respect them. I don’t expect them to release the same level of quality of past albums because most bands in general are not able to keep that creativity and energy they once had when they were young. What gives me hope is No Doubt are always evolving and they may have a bad era or phase but they always seem to move on and do something different. Regardless of one’s opinion on P&S it’s obvious something went wrong around that time. But I think that was a rare occurrence and No Doubt will move on. I am excited for both a new No Doubt album and a new Gwen album. Anything that gives ND a reason to tour is a good thing.

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