Instagrams: No Doubt for Global Citizen

Thank you to Instagram’s Francisco Gonzalez for sharing a photo from what looks like an interview with No Doubt for Global Citizen during rehearsals yesterday.

It’s exciting to see the band together again and the band is set to the hit the stage in Washington D.C. for Global Citizen Earth Day on April 18.

No Doubt | So that just happened. filmed some amazing people for a great cause. Thank you Gwen, Tony, Tom and Adrian. Via @riothouse @globalcitizen #globalcitizenearthday

A photo posted by Francisco Gonzalez 📷 🎤🍕🙏 (@franciscosoon) on

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  1. *YAWN* I’m so sad that no doubt has become that washed up middle age band that has no new music and plays random shows to stay some what relevant….. where is Gwen’s new album?! Doesn’t look too promising …. so sad …Gwen just doesn’t have it anymore …and neither so the band…. thank God for her many fashion lines to keep her in the public eye …and random no doubt shows singing the same.songs for the millionth time…. uhhhh I’m so over it and them…. and this is coming from a fan since 1993 …. they were my all time favorite band! But the feeling is lost …and now it’s all memories and amazing performances from back in the day on youtube… -________-

  2. Jesse…I don’t usually do this, but really?? Why even say anything? If you don’t like them anymore then that’s fine, but mind your own business & don’t rain on our fucking parade…I’m happy they still play shows and I can’t WAIT to see this interview! Thanks Beacon Street 🙂

  3. I think it’s good that they’re still doing performances… I get why people might think: oh well it’s just the same old songs etc. but there are some people that have never had the opportunity to see them do all those shows back in the day who would still like to see it….. I’d do anything for them to do a live show over in the U.K for me to actually get to see it all for myself instead of watching youtube videos all my life!

  4. It’s good to see that they are still doing stuff at least, but yeah it’s really hard to stay interested without anything new. They should record a new cover or something. I don’t think this solo album is still happening.

  5. I’m in SoCal and have seen ND for so much of my life, while I’m still happy to see all of the hits… The chance of them playing P&S and Sparkle is enough ‘new music’ for me. Like I’ve said before I’m a million times more excited about Gwen singing and dancing with Elmo, than anything live from ND LOL

  6. I definitely see where you are coming from Jesse. I’ve been thinking lately that it’s time for me to let go of ND since they’ve disappointed me so much. BUT, I’ve been a fan for 19 years and it’s hard to give up on something that I’ve dedicated over half my life to! There’s still that tiny glimmer of hope that they will surprise me with something good (and actually follow through on it), so I guess that’s what keeps me interested.

  7. @amanda g, I totally get what you’re saying! We have all been fans for so long it would feel weird not to follow/care/or keep up with ND/gwen

  8. Yes, and I have never found another band or artist that has caught my attention and loyalty in the way that ND has for 19 years. I’m very thankful I’ve been able to see ND in action twice (and Gwen once). I feel bad that many (overseas especially) have not been able to.

  9. Thank god, I managed to see them during the P&S promo in Paris. Otherwise I’d be kicking myself to this day.

  10. As a fan I have pulled way back too. I used to be obsessed with them from 1995-2004/5 (from age 10-early twenties). I would buy all the magazines with them/ Gwen on it. I bought into L.A.M.B Les Sport Sac, had so many shirts, etc). I rarely even listen to the band now. I still love them though and check this site almost daily. I don’t know if it was life or that the band stopped putting stuff out, so I got less interested. Gwen came to Copenhagen when I was living there in 2007 and I didn’t even go see her. I have gotten married and had a kid and life just gets busy. I don’t have the same time and disposable money to pour into seeing there shows and buying there/ Gwen’s stuff. I can relate to them scaling things back and having a hard time juggling everything. People talk a lot of crap about Gwen being the squeaky wheel on the ND train but the woman has a three kids and it’s different being a mom then Dad, due to infants, nursing and her and Gavin tagging on and off with their careers. Also especially after P/S failed I bet it seemed strategic to get her out there to
    drum up more publicity for the band. I mean it’s amazing that this 90’s band is still remotely relevant. Look at Cranberries, Garbage, Hole, and all those other 90’s bands that aren’t able to be the huge headliners like ND. I mean at least our band is keeping it classy and together, unlike many bands/artists from 20years ago.

  11. That’s funny, I just looked up The Cranberries the other day because I was wondering what happened to them. It is amazing that ND still gets these opportunities to participate in big shows and I was also a big-time collector of all things ND in the 90’s and early 00’s LOL. The family thing I understand and even admire them for. It’s the constant broken promises and lack of communication over the past 6 years that makes me want to walk away. I still listen to them every day though. And if they did a proper tour I’d definitely be there to see them since it would probably be the last time.

  12. I agree that ND are still a lot more “active” than The Cranberries, Garbage, The Cardigans and all those other 90s bands, but the major difference (at least for me) is that all those other bands don’t promise their fans new albums, tours, unreleased stuff (The Vault) etc. all the time… It’s ND’s “on-again, off-again” attitude that’s so exhausting.

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