Instagrams: No Doubt Back In Rehearsals (Updated)

Tom shared that the band is back together tonight kicking off rehearsals for their upcoming mini-festival tour. No Doubt’s first stop will be headlining once again for Global Citizen in Washington D.C. on April 18. For a list of all of the band’s upcoming shows, check out our tour archive.

We wish the band the best of luck in rehearsals and are excited for all the lucky fans that get to see them in the next few months!

Here we are, back in this place, making noise! Always fun. 🔊🎺🎷🎹🎤🎸

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Back at it!!!

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My fav moment in the set is when @adrianyoungnd plays this thing #magic @nodoubt

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@donniespada the man behind the cases here in guitar world. @nodoubt #stageright

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Guitar rig for the next 6 weeks. @gj2guitars #DividedBy13 @purps

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33 Replies to “Instagrams: No Doubt Back In Rehearsals (Updated)”

  1. yea stop playing the same.. thing over over over over the world..and again and again again.. ITS SO Boring.. CARELESS!

  2. It’ll be the same set list it’s been for the last 13 years. I Bet Gwen isnt rehearsing yet either. She’ll probably rehearse a day before the show and forget half the words like usual.

  3. They should play the other songs from P&S, a different one for each show. That would be enough to make their setlists more interesting to hear.

  4. The sad truth is that ND actually have a very small catalogue to choose from. They haven’t really released many albums in all these years. Their output is a joke actually. To make things even worse they refuse to play most of their first two albums, RoS and P&S, so basically they only have the TK and RS songs to choose from (+ some singles from RoS). They really can’t change much of their setlist.

  5. They have PLENTY of songs they can play – it’s just that THEY chose to only play singles. I think they should rotate out the lesser known singles in favor of P/S songs or others. I doubt the demographic that are going to these festivals even know ex-gf, skol or new. I looove those songs, but I’ve heard them a million times and I would love it even more if I could hear MITM, DLMD or songs from P/S instead. It’s never gonna happen though.

  6. They could easily retire 90% of their setlist imho. “Spiderwebs”, “Sunday Morning”, “Excuse me Mr.”, “Bathwater” and “Simple kind of life” were never hits. They could easily replace them with album tracks from their older albums and/or P&S tracks. They only had three big hits in their entire career (DS, HB and UIA) and I think they should just stick to these and rotate all the other songs on their setlist. I understand that JAG and “Hella Good” need to be played too, because even though these weren’t big hits, they are still well known. IML needs to be retired finally, though.

  7. But since they just ignore most of their output, I don’t think their setlist will really change much at any point. I understand that they feel awkward playing songs from their first album with all those wacky lyrics and I also understand that RoS is a tough case too… but it wouldn’t kill them to play some of all those songs at least from time to time. I can see how “Paulina” and “Marry me” probably wouldn’t work anymore these days, but I see no reason why they can’t play “Six feet under”, “Comforting lie”, “Sometimes”, “Sinking” and so many more…

  8. YYY is right, they really only have few real hits. If Gwen didn’t have such a successful solo career I doubt ND would even be headlining such a festival. Not that they still wouldn’t be semi big, but when I hear regular people even mention ND its always “oh ya that band GWEN STEFANI used to be in before” —–so I cant/wont complain about the same ol set list, I’m happy with it every time

  9. Some of those songs were hits and are well known, but it doesn’t mean they have to play them every single time. Dave Matthews Band probably have the same number of hits and were mainstream around the same time as ND yet they don’t play their biggest hits at every single show. I don’t see why ND can’t adopt that philosophy too. I think a big part of it is they just don’t want to make the effort to relearn the rare songs.

  10. YYY, so basically they only had 3 hits? LOL you better do some research, dude. They are not considered “legendary” for nothing. One thing is being spiteful or cynical but there’s no need to put them down like that, especially when you’re not stating the facts properly.

  11. ND is more than “legendary” in my book, but realistically to the rest of normal people that might be a stretch….

  12. Well, NDLOVER how many big hits that are still remembered today did they have according to you? Seriously, you need a reality check from time to time. Nobody considers ND as “legendary”. They aren’t The Rolling Stones or U2. Gwen is a big celebrity thanks to her solo days, her products and her style/image, but the general public stopped caring about ND ever since she went big on her own. The only reason why people are still semi-interested in ND is because they are “the Gwen Stefani band”. Seriously, you’re generally a nice guy in my book, but you are just so blind and ignorant all the time. Look, we’re all fans and of course we worship and love ND. But we just need to be realistic sometimes. Outside this fandom ND aren’t even half as big and “legendary” as we see them. They were lucky to score one of the biggest hits of the 90s with “Don’t speak” and they never came even close to that level of success again in their entire career. Until this day DS is still THE ND song people really know and remember. The next big hit is UIA and after that it’s probably a tie between HB, JAG and IML. And that’s it. They probably have more than three “generally known” songs, but speaking of really big smash hits I don’t count more than three. I’m not saying this is bad, it’s just the reality. They were never a “singles” band. That’s why I don’t understand why they stick to their “Singles Collection” setlist so much. If a normal person, who is not a hardcore fan, attends a ND concert, they expect to hear DS, UIA and probably HB/JAG. They don’t expect “Sunday Morning”, “Simple Kind of Life” and “Excuse me Mr.”. That’s why I think ND could easily rotate/retire these songs and add some album tracks to their setlist.

  13. I guess it depends on age and location, but Spiderwebs, JAG, DS, HB, HG, UIA and IML were definitely hits in the U.S. The rest can be rotated.

    ND are legendary to us, but outside of the ND fan bubble, they are “Gwen Stefani and her band” and always will be.

  14. Spiderwebs was a real hit for them. It surpassed JAG on the charts, too. I still hear it now and then on alternative stations

  15. Well said YYY, except for them rotating ‘sunday morning’, that song still gets some radio play & being from SoCal I’ve seen ND many many times and I don’t think that songs been out of a show since TKs release

  16. Yeah, the big hits in the U.S. are definitely DS, IML and UIA. They are the only ones I still hear on the radio. HB was more of a flash in the pan here. Spiderwebs and JAG were extremely popular in the 90’s though. Those videos were on heavy rotation. And I agree that Sunday Morning should always be around. It’s such an amazing song 🙂

  17. I agree with YYY! No Doubt aren’t so legendary, I would say Gwen is for her fashion and feminist messages as well as for her solo work. And I also agree with Amanda in saying their songs they should stick to are JAG, Spiderwebs, Don’t Speak, Hey Baby, Underneath it All and Hella Good. The rest of the singles can be rotated because they were not hits as well as Its My Life because its a cover song. But I don’t think that will happen either. It would be awesome to hear them do more P&S or any non singles from any album (other than Tragic Kingdom) but I doubt it will ever happen.

  18. *yawn* I don’t think I’ll ever pay money to see no doubt again… UNLESS they pit out some new material.. their shows are so predictable …I think Gwen has a script….. it’s just getting old…I want NEW stuff! And what the hell is going on with Gwen’s “comeback” I’m thinking no solo album from her…. she’s fell off the radar completely … so sad ….

  19. So just because their other singles aren’t monster smash hits like Don’t Speak, they’re not hits? FYI even Simple Kind of Life did pretty well in the US. Call me ignorant all you want, YYY. At least I’m not spiteful and cynical towards my favourite band. Not every single needs to be the next Gangnam Style to be considered a hit. And comparing their other singles to Don’t Speak is unrealistic cause that was a stroke of luck that every artist wish they had at least once in there careers.

  20. I never said that all of their singles have to be as big as DS. All I said was that ND could easily retire most of their singles from their setlist and replace them with fan favorites and rarely performed album tracks, because casual concertgoers would not miss songs such as “New”, “Bathwater” or “Excuse me Mr.”. When a regular person, who is not a hardcore fan, attends a ND concert, it doesn’t make a difference if they hear “New” or for example “Comforting lie”, because compared to ND’s real big hits “New” is relatively unknown.

    Of course ND have many popular and well known songs. But speaking of really big hits that people expect to hear at a ND concert it all comes down to maybe three or four singles. I just don’t understand why ND think it is neccessary to play mostly “all singles” shows when most oftheir singles weren’t even that big and when there are so many gems on their albums just waiting to be performed.

  21. I agree with that. Of course they don’t need to play the singles all the time. Usually bands play 1 or 2 singles from past albums and include new songs or non-singles on their setlists. I understand why they did that back in 2004 and 2009 but it’s a mistake keep doing that. Most bands even change their setlist for each show. Maybe Gwen has a really hard time to memorize the lyrics. Otherwise I don’t understand it.

  22. gwen doesnt care music anymore anyloger, and thats it
    she is devoted to her family kids especially. and thats it
    she doesnt care about singing oldies
    its over

  23. Meh, I’m just not one bit excited anymore. So sad cause ND are my favorite band (or were at some time) but they have become to lazy and boring and completely predictable. I blame Gwen though, LOL. (don’t ask why, I have my reasons). The singles are good songs but we have seen them performed live sooooooooooooooooooooo many times it’s not exciting anymore. Why are they so against playing non-singles?
    Their non-singles are a million times better than their singles. But Gwen can’t be bothered to learn the lyrics. Once during their 2009 tour a fan wrote the lyrics to a song (can’t remember which one it was) and not even then did Gwen sing it. She started to sing it and then completely dismissed the song saying “the lyrics are wrong”. And I am sure the fan wrote the lyrics correctly. She just doesn’t care and it’s sad. If she doesn’t care about the fans why should we care about her?

  24. Lmao. LAMB is right man…..

    I’ll continue to listen to their music for the rest of my life, but I think I’m pretty much done caring about any future projects. It’s all very transparent to me…. So far from the band I fell in love with. No hard feelings though their back catalog will stay in my car speakers for many moons to come. Peace

  25. @Violet yes you’re totally right, that was Let’s Get Back, the fan was my friend Bob and the lyrics were correct! Such a shame!
    I am completely on the same page with everyone and I feel like it’s such a bummer that every set list has been the same for so many years now. I feel like they should at the very least do one song off each album and make it a more varied experience. A special, unique evening for the fans, the people that made No Doubt what they are (/were…)!
    Btw yeahyeahyeah, don’t let NDLover get you down with those personal attacks, when you’re just being honest and truthful. 🙂

  26. I remember hearing about that too. Also during the 2009 tour I heard a fan asked gwen about “your so foxy” and she said she didn’t remember the song. Such a shame.

  27. I agree with violet Gwen just doesn’t give a shit she is to busy being a celebrity to care anymore NDs demise I also blame on Gwen I think if everyone sits back and actually thinks they will/would come to the same conclusion…

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