Instagrams: More From Global Citizen Rehearsals (Updated)

The band is back to rehearsals this afternoon for their upcoming Global Citizen Earth Day performance happening next week. Tony shared a few new photos of his new custom Fender basses including an awesome Kingsman rasta one he calls “India Special.” Adrian posted a few photos of himself alongside little Magnolia during rehearsals, too.

Wishing the band the best during rehearsals!

Back at in again! Rehearsals for #GlobalCitizenEarthDay underway. Hope to see you there!

A photo posted by Tony Kanal (@tonykanal) on

Playing the first of my two new custom @fenderguitar Kingman acoustic basses. Naming this one Snowed Out.

A photo posted by Tony Kanal (@tonykanal) on

Thank you @fenderguitar for another beautiful custom Kingman acoustic bass. Calling this one the India Special.

A photo posted by Tony Kanal (@tonykanal) on

I'm a singin fool🎤😃

A photo posted by Stephen Bradley (@baxterbeezy) on

Workin it out with the maestro😃

A photo posted by Stephen Bradley (@baxterbeezy) on

Lemme cast a spell😜

A photo posted by Stephen Bradley (@baxterbeezy) on

My special visitor at work today :)))

A photo posted by Tony Kanal (@tonykanal) on

Getting ready for DC!!!!

A photo posted by Adrian Young (@adrianyoungnd) on

A photo posted by Adrian Young (@adrianyoungnd) on

A photo posted by Adrian Young (@adrianyoungnd) on

Let me tell yall a story😏

A photo posted by Stephen Bradley (@baxterbeezy) on

Getting ready for @glblctzn #GlobalCitizenEarthDay!!!! #music @nodoubt @tomdumontnd @tonykanal @adrianyoungnd gx

A photo posted by Gwen Stefani (@gwenstefani) on

My new Hellhound Guitar, courtesy of @gj2guitars Love this baby!

A photo posted by Gabrial McNair (@gabrialmcnair) on

Why did i do wrong?😳

A photo posted by Stephen Bradley (@baxterbeezy) on

Me and my girl😃😘

A photo posted by Stephen Bradley (@baxterbeezy) on

I have something very important to tell you😉

A photo posted by Stephen Bradley (@baxterbeezy) on

Last day of rehearsals! @gabrialmcnair and I getting ready for #GlobalCitizenEarthDay

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29 Replies to “Instagrams: More From Global Citizen Rehearsals (Updated)”

  1. Of course gwen isn’t there for rehersal. I wish she would put more effort into it like the guys are. Would be great if she could learn at least one non single song that they don’t usually perform.

  2. Yeah it’s kinda weird that Gwen always joins the rehearsals last minute when she’s the one, who needs to rehearse most lol. She’s really not putting her full heart and soul into anything these days. All these “projects” seem so half-assed. I think at this point she really only wants to be a mom and spend time with her kids. Maybe she should just take a break from the spotlight for a while and just enjoy staying at home with the kids. I think she just has too much going on and she isn’t pleasing anyone with all these little half-assed things.

  3. I agree YYY, she is so divided. It would be great if she stopped having her hands in all the cookie jars and just picked one thing to focus on. I feel like part of it is because she is kind of insecure ( she admits this herself) and likes the attention from all her various projects. It doesn’t seem she is doing it for passion but rather ego or money. I feel bad saying it at this point it’s the only conclusion I can draw because none of her projects have the same heart they did 10 years.

  4. That’s EXaCTLy the reason they don’t do new songs I bet! She’s never there. Sad for us ND fans she
    Doesn’t care about her roots anymore I’m afraid *xries*

  5. I’m not just trying to sound like a Gwen-supporter no matter what here but I don’t feel like Gwen does it for ego or the money, I’m sure she has plenty of money but if anything I’d say it was more money than ego…

    I’ve always seen people big-up Gwen and talk so big of her and she’s been the humble one shocked that these people have been saying she’s so good at whatever….. I feel like it’s more Gwen getting approached by all these projects and at the time when people are saying to her these great ideas, she takes them all on because she doesn’t want to let anyone down….. I feel like people say: Oh Gwen just go with it, it’ll be easy, you’ll be able to do everything and then she can’t………

    Gwen is probably a bit naïve to believe it when people tell her she is capable of managing everything successfully and having plenty of time for the kids besides….
    Gwen has all these projects and they can’t all be completed well and as we can see, her family come first…..
    Gwen chooses the right one by putting family first at least.

  6. I agree with Jam. I think Gwen is getting all these offers and she just can’t say no. You can tell that she is trying to please everyone, but like Hannah said she’s divided and so is her power. Just try to put yourself into Gwen’s position: “Hey, you wanna have your own cartoon show? Would you like your own lipstick line? We really want you on The Voice. Oh, Ryan Tedder and Sia wrote some songs for you. Calvin Harris and Maroon 5 want you to sing on their albums. We can get you some big festival gigs with ND!” etc. All these great and tempting offers… of course it’s hard to say no.

    And then there are people like Pharrell, who really believe in her and her comeback as a “queen” – I guess there is a lot of pressure going on. Of course she has many people doing most of the work for her, but still she has to do the interviews, the shoots and commercials and stuff. I’m sure that she still could create one hell of an album just like L.A.M.B. was back in 2004, but only if she put her everything into it. She was so involved back then and you could tell that all these crazy ideas were her own. I’m afraid recording an album between all these shoots, interviews and ND shows won’t lead to anything good.

    I’m not sure how much money and ego are really issues. I guess ego is always an issue to some extent when you’re an artist and acclaimed popstar, but I’d assume she has more than enough money. I wish she would just focus on one thing entirely. ND, solo, cartoons – I don’t care. Just do one thing and do it perfectly. The funny thing is that Gwen is very open about her struggles and how she is “overwhelmed” all the time. Well, of course you are, because you are doing 50.000 things at once!

  7. i totally that the Gwen used to create wonderful tunes melodies and so on, no longer exists
    this one must be a kind of , or sort of gwen…

    this cant be the gwen who created hollabeck rich luxurious wywf danger zone bubble ..


    i am completely dissapointed. but i still use her photo of the voice show on my smart phone

    its a pity, coz i should be listening her songs but no. god no one of her on my mobile device


  8. That’s a good point Jam and YYY. I could see how it would hard to say no to people. It must be hard to be a pop star, in the sense that other people are on your payroll and you have to take on projects sometimes to support them too. Maybe I spoke too soon. I just wish she would do one thing and put all her attention into it.

  9. Gwen not being at rehearsals I think is disrespectful to the guys, show that you love your craft and take it seriously. I understand being a mother is her #1 priority as it should be, but she can bring her kids along, her music is what got her famous and affords her the life she lives today. I agree with the comments that said she needs to commit herself to one thing at a time. Your art should be a passion, and when the passion is out everyone can see it through whatever u put out (ex her latest singles)

  10. Anyone. Notice how Steven’s hair is the same as gwen’s messy bun /half over face look? Lol!

  11. when did “we” all decide that we can choose what is best for Gwen or for anybody for that matter? How do you know she wasn’t there? Maybe they just didn’t post any pictures and they don’t want to make ND ALL about Gwen. You don’t know if one of her kids or parents were sick and she had other family business to take care of. She Does have a baby at home and 2 other boys- yes she has help but she’s the mom. When was it ok to be so selfish for “us” to want just one project or “one good thing” from her? I’m pretty sure none of us would like it if they had other people telling us how to live our lives and what to limit and how to use our time. I know I know- She’s the celebrity and this is part of her job to be creative and make stuff for her fans- but how can people be so demanding and critical on someone they don’t even know? Obviously this page is to express how we feel and we are all free to say what we want and what we think. We know the band checks this page out so I’m just saying- don’t forget- consideration and kindness goes a long way.
    PS_ I didn’t see any pictures of TOM in this particular post and no one is going crazy over that. Yeah he’s posted a picture before but still… 🙂

  12. Yesterday Gwen was spotted wearing a Citizen t-shirt which probably means that she’s been rehearsing with the guys. Just because she doesn’t update her social networks it doesn’t mean that she’s not working. I think many of you underestimate Gwen way too much. Give her a break.

  13. *applaus CHRISTAL G* Glad to see I’m not the only one being “paranoid” and “overprotective” as I have been accused here several times. I think we’re too spoiled these days. In the old days we’d probably found out they performed 2 weeks after in some local paper. We’d not even know if they were all together or not.
    Probably the guys rehearsal all together and Gwen joins them few hours later. So what? One thing is to add your voice to an instrumental that has been already rehearsed than losing your time waiting for the guys to catch up. We don’t know how these things work BTS, so take a seat and relax.

  14. As (most of us here have followed the band religiously for years and years) were ONLY coming from a place of admiration, loyalty and love! We just want the best for the entire band and continued success. We have a right to state however we feel

  15. What I find odd at the end of the day is Gwen going back on her word of saying “I will never do a solo record again” and then doing that after already starting a new no doubt record.( I know that can be blamed on trying to capitalise on her being on the voice which is a little bit dissapointing in itself but it was an oppurtunity worth trying ) I know she is allowed to change her mind and I’d welcome a new solo record but she’s said herself before that no doubt is the real gwen. I’m a huge fan of talent and what GWEN and the guys have is this amazing unique sound and song writing ability that for some reason is being delayed,cancelled , overrun by other projects. I’m sure every little side project is fun and pays very well but music is where it all started and why we are all here commenting, supporting and voicing opinions. The last two years makes no sense. I’m pretty sure the band them selves feel the same. And are probably under some awkward label pressure / agreement. Id kill for them to just do something like the beacon street collection, firstly for themselves and secoundly for us. I believe the spark and magic is still there between them and they still have a lot to give.

  16. @jake, I see where you’re coming from but I honestly don’t think that spark that they once had isn’t in them like it once was. I don’t think they have another beacon street collection in them.. Not cuz they’re not talented but because all of there lives are sooo different now. They’re a lot older with families.

    and on a side note, I LOVE this fan site, but I WISH they posted paparazzi pics. Where do u guys see all the latest shots? Someone please fill me in

  17. @bob that’s very true, a fact I’m in denial about. Id like to think that they lived for sitting down and writing songs and then performing them.

  18. I totally agree with you Jake: The last two years (almost three actually) just make no sense. Even P&S didn’t make any sense, because the band never really seemd to care about the new songs that much.

    I think it’s sad that they always have excuses for why new ND music is not happening, but still they find time for all those other random projects… Like, instead of hitting the road this year and playing their old hits at random festivals, they might as well use this time to work on new music. Instead of appearing on the albums of all these other artists, Gwen might as well use this time to write some lyrics.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad they are at least doing something and I’d love to get more solo music. BUT I think IF they really wanted to create new ND music, they could do it. Time, families, different lives… I think it’s all just excuses. I think at the end of the day they just don’t want to have new ND music.

  19. I’m sorry but a lot of you don’t even think about the other stuff. For example. G is a woman meaning she’s the MOM. Mom’s always have to be there, kind of. Not saying Dad’s aren’t just as important. But c’mon cut her some slack. We get a lot of little goodies because of all the hard work she does. Whether it’s more shows here and there. LAMB, HL, more solo songs. Everything is different now, now that they all have families. Of course they can’t focus 100% on the music like they used to. It’s not going to be the same now. & I think we all (us fans) need to realize that. I think frankly, we should feel lucky that we even get anymore albums from here on out because they’ve been together a LONG time and they don’t have to stay together if they don’t want to. But luckily for us, they DO. I would be happy if they just toured with what they already have and maybe here and there release new music.

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