Instagrams: “Let’s Make Some New Music”

Now that it’s been revealed that No Doubt have been recording new music recently, it makes sense that the band was back in the studio this past week. Adrian posted a photo on Instagram saying “let’s make some new music” while Tom shared one of his equipment all hooked up (which he confirmed was his recording setup).

Gwen revealed that No Doubt recently recorded a new song with Pharrell titled “Shine”. She shared that Pharrell had presented the song to her which then she played for rest of the band. They all loved it and decided to record it together. No Doubt is said to be continuing work on their new album with a release in the near future.

Wishing the band (and Gwen!) the best of luck on their new material and we can’t wait to hear more soon!

Let's make some new music!!!

A photo posted by Adrian Young (@adrianyoungnd) on

It's official….Tom now has his own parking spot.

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Wires & knobs. Always fun.

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Tom also teased all the fans with a photo of reels of past No Doubt footage dating back to the old school days. What do we have to do to convince them to release this stuff for everyone?!

Reels of tape

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