Instagrams: Global Citizen Earth Day Soundcheck (Updated)

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The band is in Washington D.C. for tomorrow’s Global Citizen Earth Day and have been sharing photos from soundcheck. It looks like they are really enjoying being together at our nation’s capital for the show tomorrow. Wishing them the best at soundcheck and we’re really looking forward to their set!

Gwen seemed to have been absent from the soundcheck.

In case you missed it, the Global Citizen 2015 Earth Day event will be streaming live tomorrow on YouTube!

Yay! Me and my girls. Soundcheck #GlobalCitizenEarthDay

A photo posted by Tony Kanal (@tonykanal) on

Soundcheck #GlobalCitizenEarthDay

A photo posted by Tony Kanal (@tonykanal) on

Stairway to Heaven

A photo posted by Tony Kanal (@tonykanal) on

Soundcheck warmup!!🎺

A photo posted by Stephen Bradley (@baxterbeezy) on

Checking out the National Mall with Daddy the day before @nodoubt plays #GlobalCitizenEarthDay

A photo posted by Tony Kanal (@tonykanal) on

Soundcheck at #GlobalCitizenEarthDay. Photo: @ashley_photo

A photo posted by No Doubt (@nodoubt) on

Soundcheck at #GlobalCitizenEarthDay. Photo: @ashley_photo

A photo posted by No Doubt (@nodoubt) on

Soundcheck at #GlobalCitizenEarthDay. Photo: @ashley_photo

A photo posted by No Doubt (@nodoubt) on

Soundcheck at #GlobalCitizenEarthDay. Photo: @ashley_photo

A photo posted by No Doubt (@nodoubt) on

Soundcheck at #GlobalCitizenEarthDay. Photo: @ashley_photo

A photo posted by No Doubt (@nodoubt) on

One more from sound check today #GlobalCitizenEarthDay @nodoubt @ashley_photo

A photo posted by tom dumont (@tomdumontnd) on

Fun day at sound check. Amazing stage! #GlobalCitizenEarthDay @nodoubt @ashley_photo

A photo posted by tom dumont (@tomdumontnd) on

Me and the obelisk

A photo posted by Tony Kanal (@tonykanal) on

We'll see you in a few hours at #GlobalCitizenEarthDay!

A photo posted by No Doubt (@nodoubt) on

48 Replies to “Instagrams: Global Citizen Earth Day Soundcheck (Updated)”

  1. When I see pics like this with them and there families, it makes me not care one bit if they ever release new music! They look like there enjoying this chapter in there lives and as a fan I’m just greatful they will still play, even if its the same ol setlist

  2. I’m grateful they play too, but there’s no reason they have to use the same setlist 😉 Hopefully they will surprise us. Great pictures!

  3. Everyone but Gwen. I’m not saying she doesn’t rehearse(we saw the one rehearsal pic), but it is CLEAR that Gwen doesn’t put in nearly as much time and effort as the guys.Clearly she “wings it” like she has even admitted, and that’s why were subjected to the singles collection set list over and over 🙁

  4. Seriously, people. STOP. assuming. Who are you to tell that Gwen doesn’t put much effort or time on the band as the guys? If you’re not there 24/7 you know shit. So stop it. It gets on my nerves.

  5. yo yo yo NDLOVER. chill down. no one ASSUMED she wasnt there. we SAW she wasnt there. observations aren’t crimes. and why would i stalk gwen? i’m sitting at adrian’s house waiting for him to get home from DC. bahahahaaaaa.

  6. @ NDLover: people are only saying what SHE has said time and time again. That she’s too lazy to rehearse, that she just wings it. It is clear she doesn’t put as much effort to ND as she does with her precious clothes and makeup. She is after all very vain (again, her words not mine). 😉

  7. Gwen fucking Stefani? Soon she will be “fucking” over, if she doesn’t start to put more effort into her band/her own music… Fans are starting to lose interest, general public has lost interest years ago. Bye Gwen.

  8. I was thinking how awesome it would be if they performed Undone tonight. It’s such a gem. It deserves to be played at some point.

  9. Violet, darling. That’s old news. We’re about to watch the concert. Enjoy while it lasts. It won’t last forever.

  10. OMG No Doubt with Chris Martin. I think he’s going to perform with them Last time it was with Sting. Maybe they will perform Magic. Gwen loves that song.

  11. Yeah I’m afraid her voice will give out haha They look great. I love her hair. I’m glad she pulled up her pants, I was getting a bit nervous lol

  12. I’m hoping she is sick. That would explain both the strained voice and lack of her appearance at sound checks.

  13. Yeah…they are a bit rusty, but it’s still enjoyable. She’s so friggin cute going in with the crowd! <3

  14. Guys, she sounds weak because she’s not practicing. Even the best singers have to practice, rehearse and work on keeping their voice healthy and strong

    1. OMG I loved how she was enjoying herself during Sunday Morning. The crowd went wild!
      I think there was some technical problem with the sound tho? Overall it was a great concert. Probably the best live versions of It’s My Life and Push and Shove. They killed it.

  15. I dont know about you guys, but im enjoying this extremely! I loved it! You can tell Gwen is having fun!

  16. Ok I gotta admit that I sort of rolled my eyes when they started playing Spiderwebs… 4 songs from TK and 3 from RS and none from ROS?
    I enjoyed the show but it’s always the same setlist.

  17. I enjoyed it very much, but it wasn’t “great.” Hopefully her voice heals and they practice lyrics and cues more for the next show. I wish they had done Settle Down instead of HB. I don’t know why they’ve dropped it.

  18. They could have performed Looking Hot instead of Hey Baby and New instead of Spiderwebs or Sunday Morning.

  19. it’s always fun watching them. they were a bit weak though. gwen sounded sick but think she really pulled it together for the last two songs.
    another reason to play more recent songs is that they will suit where her voice is now. as a hardcore fan this was both exciting and depressing to see. great to see them on such a big stage but sad to see them just going through the motions with nothing fresh or new happening.

  20. Yeah I think it’s a bit odd how they’re stuck with this setlist. Even when they were promoting P&S it was basically the same thing. It’d be so simple to change the setlist from one show to another by changing only one song and add a non-single. That would be enough to make things more interesting, in my opinion.

  21. I think for a shorter setlist like this one, two from each album would have been sufficient. For ROS and P/S they could do non-singles since people probably don’t know the albums anyway.

  22. Ugh I was looking forward to this but now that I see the setlist I am thinking meh…at least they finally dropped “Its My Life.”

  23. Did they? I heard the setlist was Hella Good, Push and Shove, Underneath it All, Hey Baby, Spiderwebs, Don’t Speak, Just a Girl and Sunday Morning.

  24. I am so sick of IML…it’s zzzz inducing to me. But I did like the vibe of the performance/style…first of the festival rounds so things can only go up from here….right? Right? 😉

  25. Hey everyone! I just got home from being out but recorded the full show and will have it up sometime tonight. 🙂 Thanks for your patience!

  26. oh okay I wasn’t sure…thanks! And yeah I think we are all tired of its my life lol. To me its their worst live song and not because its a cover.

  27. They all looked great and Gwen sounded ok most of the time. Of course they didn’t perform with Chris Martin, because as we all know Gwen only joined the rehearsals last minute. I don’t know how anyone could think there’d be any surprises. I’m not going to say much about the setlist tbh. Only one song that’s not at least 12+ years old. Says a lot about ND’s current status imho. Still a generally enjoyable show overall.

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