Instagrams: ‘Rock Steady’ Sessions (Updated)

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Tom shared a vintage photo of himself with producer Nellee Hooper from late 2001 during the recording and mixing stages of Rock Steady. Tom calls Nellee a “funny dude” and enjoyed his sense of humor while working with him. Fans may recall that Nellee worked on Rock Steady, “It’s My Life” and most recently with Gwen on her solo work.

This is Me w Nellee Hooper outside of his studio in London, late 2001 during the recording/mixing of Rock Steady. Nellee was a funny dude and I enjoyed his sense of humor. He got good stuff out of us for sure.


Tom also shared on Tumblr a photo of the band alongside Sly and Robbie, Brian Johnson, Bounty Killer and Lady Saw during a vocal recording session in Kingston, Jamaica in 2001 for both “Hey Baby” and “Underneath It All”.

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