Instagram: Tom On “New Paths” and “Taking More Risks”

Tom shared on Instagram this morning another gorgeous photo he had taken and posted an inspiring quote on how taking risks is a big part of being creative. He shared how when he joined No Doubt their sound was such a huge departure for him musically and how its paid off in such a great way. Tom says that he’s excited for the “new paths ahead” and is “looking forward to taking more risks”.

Tom is such an inspiration to so many of us and we’re excited to see what he’s up to next!

A big part of creativity is having the courage to take risks. For me, this means getting out of my comfort zone, & trying something different, wacky, quirky etc. It’s about telling an old story a new way, or finding a new path never before taken. Sometimes when we take a risk, we fail, & learning from that is an important part of the process. When I joined ND way back in the day we were more of a ska band, and I had a hard-rock musical background. They took a chance and embraced what was different about me, and we fused our styles together into something new. I’m excited about the new paths ahead, and looking forward to taking more risks!

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  1. Yeah I read that as he may be ready for new challenges, that hopefully will include No Doubt. Yay! 😃 (I’m telling you, it’s gonna be a new No Doubt album. Mark my words!)

  2. I’m glad that he takes his artistic independence seriously. If he leaves No Doubt, I would’nt mind. All things are meant to evolve and he hasn’t taken that chance as well as say Tony has.

  3. I doubt anyone would “leave” the band. It seems like when they want to make music, they make music. If they’re doing other projects, they just stay on hiatus while band members do their thing. I’d rather they make music when they’re feeling inspired, rather than forcing themselves to make music just because they feel obligated… fine by me, even if it means we have to hang out and wait for new music.

  4. J., what are you talking about? Tom has also produced for other artists before, most notably for Matt Costa. Ok maybe Tony has gone further but it doesn’t mean that Tom hasn’t been working while Gwen was doing her thing.

  5. To me it almost sounds like ND is going in a new direction. I also think this means that they could be working with producers and management that have a different vision on how the band will fit in the current music scene.

  6. I’m ready for another No Doubt record even if it means abandoning their signature sound. They can turn into a synthpop/urban band for all I care. Some of the tracks on Push and Shove have entered this territory anyway. Songs like Easy, Heaven and DTSD are great examples of the direction they could go in. 🙂

  7. I can only speak for myself, but to me it doesn’t sound like these “new paths” are refering to anything ND related… To me it sounds like their “hiatus” will go on and Tom will focus on new projects.

  8. sounds like the band is officially in hiatus and he’s is about to venture on some individual projects.With Gwen heading towards a solo route, I’m not surprise the guys are doing other stuff.

  9. I agree with YYY. He’s not leaving, he’s just keeping his options open now that Gwen will be tied up for awhile.

  10. This made me sad when I read it. I have a gut feeling he’s not talking about No Doubt. The writing is on the wall. Push and Shove produced sub par numbers in terms of sales. They cancelled their P&S tour. They started to write new material then all of a sudden everyone is taking a break. Then Gwen was quoted saying she’s still “figuring things out” music wise. Now, Gwen is performing solo material which she once said she would never do again. Now she’s going to judge on the Voice and has been seen in studios by herself with no other band member. I’m stoked about any new music, Gwen or No Doubt. I’m excited for Gwen but sad for No Doubt. I hope that No Doubt releases more new music in the future 🙂

  11. I also understood he’s ready for other side-projects, to “let go” of ND for a while. Which is what I have done, unfortunately… We can’t keep expecting new ND stuff when it’s become a side thing for them, which comes alive every 4 or 10 years… And ND’s importance in the music world is only waning, sadly. At least Foo Fighters and Garbage are still around 😀

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