Instagrams: Rehearsals Underway

No Doubt are starting to share photos from live rehearsals tonight in anticipation of their upcoming headlining show at the Global Citizen Festival at the end of this month. Very exciting and we wish the best of luck to the band in rehearsals!

6 Replies to “Instagrams: Rehearsals Underway”

  1. NOOOOOO Hey Baby! Please!

    – Non-accustic versions of One More Summer, Sparkle
    – Looking Hot
    – Lots of Tragic Kingdom
    – Some Return of Saturn
    – It’s My Life
    – Maybe a solo Gwen song or two that would be fitting for the band
    – some early pre-Tragic Kinggdom stuff
    – Maybe an unrealesed song ot two from the seaions in 2013? 🙂 please

  2. Gotta be Push&Shove!!!!

    They opened at Gibson in 2012 with that one night and it was AWESOME!!!

    Or Settle Down…

    Looking Hot too much bad press

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