Instagram Find: First Look at “Push and Shove” Video; Location Information

While the band is (very) hard to see all the way in the back room — Instagram user thenorik posted this picture with the caption “Who wants to hang out with #nodoubt #gwenstefani“.

The bar they shot the video at is Ontario – a Canadian themed bar – in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Website Yelp has some great shots of it, and, as this poster can tell you – there are much more “diveier” (is that even a word?!) bars in BK – plus, Williamsburg is one of the nicer (and more hip) area of the borough.

If you want, feel free to check out the bar’s Facebook page!

All of this being said, this seems like something new for the band and we can’t wait to see how the video comes out!

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  1. I’m SO PISSED that my bartender friends who work there never told me this is going on… That’s one of my old regular spots (I used to work down the street)… Ugh. :-\

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