Huge Sales Jump For The Singles 1992-2003; On Sale From Amazon


Thanks to HellaGoose from the forum, but it looks like The Singles 1992-2003 had a huge sales jump this last week, jumping to #7 on the charts…technically. He explains it a little better

It jumped onto the recorded catalog sales chart for the first time in YEARS, at #7 selling 7,877 copies compared to around 1,000 and 500 the prior two weeks. I have no idea what caused this, besides the extra attention they are getting with the tour…but i would guess that the album was on sale somewhere haha.

Also, because of jumping onto the chart…we have updated sales numbers for the album in the US for the first time in a long time…2,369,562.

In the US once an album falls out of the top 200, and has been out long enough…it is no longer eligible to be on the normal sales chart, even if its sales that week warrant its being on the chart. Instead, the move the album to the catalog chart, which is basically the chart for all old albums that are no longer eligible for the normal sales chart. So basically, The Singles Collection is the 7th best selling “old” album in the US this week. It is dumb and complicated ahah, but did that make sense?

SO actually 7,877 would make it enough to be the 110th best selling album in the US this week, when both charts are combined…right on top of Doll Domination by PCD lmao!

Also, it looks like Amazon has the mp3 version of The Singles available for only $1.99! Woo! It seems like No Doubt are getting more exposure lately with all the buzz of the upcoming tour.

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