OMG! BSO Gets A Shout Out From OC Weekly

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How freaking sweet! Thank you so so so much to OC Weekly — BSO got a shout on the infamous paper’s website for sharing the rumor (I don’t know if that’s a good thing? LOL!) and they even posted one of our Tweets as well. How exciting, and pretty cool for us! Thanks again to all the fans for their understaning on the rumor and we hope people’s hopes didn’t get up too much!

OC Weekly also got out of Tom that the band is planning on recording more songs in January.

OC Weekly — Calm the hell down, everyone–No Doubt will not be playing a secret hometown show next Tuesday.

It all started with a simple rumor tweeted by ultimate No Doubt fansite, Beacon Street, along with this post including an e-mail circulating that No Doubt would be involved in some kind of commercial shoot at the Grove of Anaheim with other “major bands,” including Linkin Park.

We immediately went to No Doubt guitarist Tom Dumont for confirmation.

​Dumont then stated that the band’s just getting ready to record more songs in January… so…uh… there’s that at least.

No Doubt at the Grove?: The show that almost (but not really) was.

5 Replies to “OMG! BSO Gets A Shout Out From OC Weekly”

  1. ahaha sorry, I didn’t mean for it to be a big deal! Geez, OC Weekly and ND responding. Well, glad it’s cleared up, anyway.

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