"Hella Good" Being Immortalized On Florida Universal Studios Rollercoaster


Thank you so much to Alexander for sending in, but apparently some large video screens were installed for the Rockit rollercoaster at Universal Studios in Florida, and the “Hella Good” video is being featured! According to a new article from screamscape.com, you’ll be able to pick your own soundtrack when you’re on the ride — good choice! Looks too scary for me!

A Screamscape source was visiting the park this evening when they noticed some new large video screens set up in the Rockit’s queue area that were playing a short video loop about how you will pick your own soundtrack. While they couldn’t make out everything on the screen, they did see a few artists and song titles mentioned: No Doubt’s Hella Good, Fergie, Donna Summer’s Bad Girls, M.C. Hammer and K.C. & The Sunshine Band. You can also find some new construction pictures posted to Orlando Rocks.

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  1. Sweet! I’m absolutely terrified of roller coasters, but I think I’d have to give that one a try for the music, haha.

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