Have You Submitted Your Cover Art For Our Design Contest Yet?

We are almost coming up to the halfway mark for the time to submit your single covers for our design contest! Here are a few of our favorites so far, and we have received close to 60 of them and it’s going to be tough! The winner will recieve $25 USD to spend in the official No Doubt store and our contest is open up to fans worldwide! We want you to design your own single covers for any of the titles No Doubt have revealed to us for the new album (“Easy”, “Dreaming the Same Dream”, “Gravity”, “Heaven”, “One More Summer”, “Push and Shove”, “Settle Down”, “Sparkle” or “Undercover”). We are judging on originality, creativity and just awesomeness! So far the contest is a huge success (…and we are debating on if we will extend the contest to TWO winners!) and you have until August 30 to submit your own designs to us, or via our Twitter (@beaconstreet) and Facebook. If you have any questions or comments about the contest, let us know! For the complete rules and restrictions click here and check out the submitted designs here. Good luck!

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