Hardcore No Doubter Featured on Take Me Out

This is so cool! Pretty hardcore fan, Chris (and his insane collection), were featured on the British dating show Take Me Out last week. His collection consists of many hard to get singles, magazines and posters — and I’m a little jealous! His brother Collin says in the clip that any woman that would like to date him probably would compete with his first love — No Doubt.

It’s always neat to see other fans’ collections (since I’ve been collecting since 1996 myself). Great job, Chris!

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  1. Ha! Wow thats awesome, I use to have a pretty mean ND collection, until a house fire about a year ago, it didn’t like my No Doubt collection very much, or my No Doubt shoes 🙁 HA! I cried a good bit, well it took most everything I owned too so…. that didn’t help either….So many memories up in flames…. Guess I shouldn’t think about that…..

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