Hardcore Fan Shares His Memories

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Huge, huge thank you to longtime No Doubter Cesar Alex Rodas for sharing his personal photos with us from over the years. He attended many intimate shows and even got to get close to the band after events. He promises to keep sharing so we will update this post with anymore rarities! We’re feeling very nostalgic lately but are really anticipating the new era to come so we can all create new memories of our own!

7 Replies to “Hardcore Fan Shares His Memories”

  1. cool! all of those photos are from shows/events from the NYC area! that roseland show in 2000 was AMAZING. the crowd was so wild that night! so much energy! i have bruises on my stomach from the barricade from that show and was also able to snag the setlist! and have the band sign it! the small show at the virgin mega store in 2001 was exciting as well.. the day of the Rock Steady release where they played a small set to a small crowd and then signed our cds. and the stamped NDFC mail! i used to love getting those in the mail! i still have a bunch from back then.. ah, memories! thanks for sharing!

  2. Is that first picture really Gwen? I thought it was a Gwenabee at first. She just looks…strange.

  3. @AMANDA G… that’s Gwen after No Doubts performance on Conan Obrien back in April 2000. i think she looked great!

  4. that is for sure Gwen! these are my personal pics,I would not scam you nders lol, I am very happy to share all these memories with all of u. @Tragic, it looks like we been to some of the same events

  5. @Cesar, yeah.. anytime they play here in New York I go and see them. did you go to the free concert at Irving Plaza in 2001? that was an awesome show as well.. it was cool to hear songs form Rock Steady before the release. i’ve been to a few shows in Philadelphia and traveled a couple of other places to seem them.. that was years a go though. the farthest i will travel to see them now is Atlantic City.. which is not very far! but yeah, every New York show i’m there. thanks for sharing your photos! i don’t usually take photos at live concerts/events but did a few times during the Rock Steady tours.. any shows before that period I never brought a camera. it’s cool to see some fan photos from the roseland show in 2000! such a fun show!

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