Happy Holidays from BSO!

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All of us here at Beacon Street Online would love to wish No Doubt, their families, our loyal visitors and all No Doubters a very Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

While our 15 year anniversary is right around the corner, we still feel honored to follow this band everyday and it’s such a pleasure working on the site for everyone. We have a feeling 2014 will be big for the band with many endeavors already around the corner. This year was huge personally for No Doubt with Tony and Erin welcoming another baby girl, Gabe and Lene welcoming their baby girl and Gwen expecting another little one of her own! No Doubt also went back into the studio early this year after inspiration struck again and worked with some impressive names in the industry.

We cannot thank No Doubt and the fans enough for their graciousness and support over the past year! While the band continues to take it easy into the new year, we have a strong feeling we’ll be hearing more soon from them! We wish Gwen, Tom, Tony, Adrian, Steve and Gabe the very best into the new year and want them to know that they continue to inspire us everyday!

Thank you to our dedicated visitors for all of your support and contributions — we are growing everyday and you make it so much more fun! Thanks as well to the amazing fan site community including the teams at Everything In Time, Greener Pastures, Gwen-Stefani.ru and more for their support and just being awesome.

Thank you as well to my amazing team: Dave, Maribeth, Christina and Geo. I seriously have the very best fans working alongside me on BSO. Thank you so much for all of your hard work this year. <3 I love you all! -- Jenny

10 Replies to “Happy Holidays from BSO!”

  1. YEAHYEAHYEAH and NDLOVER, “don’t care about anything anymore” and “careless with their fans”?? Wow. Respect that they are caring for their families first!!! Family before fans, always and always.

  2. @beezerdi: Nobody is trying to keep them away from their families, but making a “Merry Christmas” post on Facebook, or tweet some “Happy Holidays” stuff actually doesn’t take more than 5 seconds… so, if they don’t even have that time for their fans anymore, then maybe they should just let it all rest. They wouldn’t even have to do it themselves. They have people hired running their Facebook profile for them. 2013 has been the ultimate year of disappointments for ND fans. Some little message from ND for Christmas would’ve been nice, but as NDLOVER said, it’s up to them. If they don’t want to that’s fine. They just shouldn’t be surprised if even less people are going to buy their next album since they’ve been so careless with their fanbase for all this year. I wish them all the best for their families, but the way they’ve treated their fans this year was just lame.

  3. BEEZERDI, no one is being disrespectful here. Read carefully before posting nonsense. We need discernment to know how to separate things and that’s what I did. The band has been kind of distant this year. Fact.

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