Happy Live 25th Anniversary No Doubt!

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Wow! What a day to celebrate! Today marks the band’s 25th anniversary of the band’s first live show, back on March 14, 1987, at Fender’s Ballroom in Long Beach, California. They were included in a long list of bands to open up for ska legends, The Untouchables. No Doubt mentioned a little about their debut show on the official site:

March 14, 1987

After several raucous party performances, No Doubt play their first “official” gig at Fender’s Ballroom in Long Beach, California; the band was second on a bill of 14 with The Untouchables headlining. Tony, a high-school junior, was one of several hundred people watching. Shortly thereafter, he tries out. Band accepts him even though he’s never been in a band, has long hair and is wearing Mexican sandals. By the summer, Tony, an organized perfectionist, becomes the band’s unofficial manager.

Sadly, this is one show that we do not have any video or photos from, which would be amazing to have in the future! We also want to take the time to thank No Doubt for all the years of dedication to the band and for always being true to themselves, the music and each other. 25 years is a huge feat for bands, but No Doubt is exceptionally special having been through so much with each other and their personal lives, but always then making the band top priority. They continue to stay dedicated to each other and the music we all love and are anticipating more than ever this year. No Doubt is going to blow our minds with the new album and the tour is going to be more than we have ever imagined. Thank you again to Gwen, Tom, Tony and Adrian for keeping me inspired for the last 16 years!

2 Replies to “Happy Live 25th Anniversary No Doubt!”

  1. Hi gwen im anaheim girl just like u i was 2 months old when u played ur first song . but i swear to god if i could of gone i would of love u gwen ur my role model <3 tatiana g from west anaheim

  2. Great website! I have been listening to No Doubt since I was about ten years old. I’m now 31 and am so excited about the current single and upcoming album!

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