Happy 12th Anniversary Return of Saturn

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Everyone at BSO would like to wish the band and their fourth album, Return of Saturn, a very happy 12th anniversary! This album will always hold a special place in my heart personally cause it was the first era that I religiously followed from the band and helped me launch BSO back in 1999. No Doubt released the album back on this day in 2000 and debuted at #2 on the Billboard charts. With over dozens of songs recorded for the album, the band settled on 14 tracks, many of which are all-time favorites to many fans including “Ex-Girlfriend”, “Simple Kind of Life”, “Bathwater”, “Magic’s In The Makeup”, “Too Late” and “New”. Other working titles for the album were Magic’s In The Makeup (May 1999) and then Saturn’s Return in later of that year. Fans are still crossing their fingers for a DVD release with either more footage from the era, including the tour, but Tom pretty much confirmed that he believes that a show was never professionally captured. Check out some of our favorite moments from the era and let us know what your favorite track is in our annual poll!

6 Replies to “Happy 12th Anniversary Return of Saturn”

  1. There is actually one song that I don’t like at all and that is Staring Problem otherwise I think No Doubts best album to date.

  2. I actually agree Sue! Out of the band’s three big albums, Staring Problem is the only single song I do not like, and is maybe one of like five No Doubt songs I have heard and do not like. But anyway my fave is definitely Simple Kind of Life! By far their best ballad, and probably the most honest song I have ever heard.

  3. Really? Home Now is the one that is my least favorite. I don’t dislike it though.

    Ex-gf will always be my fave from ROS!!

  4. new is the one I’m actually a bit bummed about because it had already been out for 2 years. I still wish they’d put a completely new song instead of new. oh well. it is one of my 2 fave nd albums (beacon street is the other). not one bad song on it! I’m glad they took their time with it.

  5. Monica, I agree with “New” being on the album. I mean, it does though sum up the era, and is one of my favorites. “Home Now” or “Marry Me” are my favorites off of the album. With “Staring Problem”, I think it’s more fun live and I wish they would have performed it more after the tour. It was nice to see another collab with Eric Stefani though.

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