Gossip Girls Appearance Announced; Band Covering "Stand And Deliver" Live

Holy crap! The band just posted this on their website. They will be appearing on another CW teen drama series (they did “Dawson’s Creek” before), Gossip Girls on May 11. No Doubt will be covering Adam and the Ants “Stand And Deliver” live on the show for the first time ever! Such a great song, we found the video on YouTube and posted the video for everyone. Did I ever mention what good taste No Doubt have? Anyways, this was taken from nodoubt.com.

Mark your calendars to see No Doubt perform “Stand And Deliver” (originally by Adam And The Ants) for the first time ever on Gossip Girl, May 11, 8/7c on The CW.

Maybe this will be played on the upcoming tour! Woo! We hope so!

We also found the lyrics here if you’re interested!

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