Dianna Agron Blogs About No Doubt

Glee actress Diana Agron is a huge No Doubt fan! Yesterday she took the time to blog about the band and posted a special tribute to them. She mentions how both Return of Saturn and Tragic Kingdom helped her get through her youth (isn’t that the truth!) and how they are “staples” to her. Diana also shared some her favorite No Doubt videos, including our “Too Late” upload from Phoenix in 2000! I also love how she praises underrated songs like “Hey You” and “Too Late”.

You Me & Charlie — I am not going to be able to take these off the rotation for about a week. Oh my! How have I gone so long without a proper No Doubt refresh?? Talk about two albums that helped me through my youth. Tragic Kingdom and Return of Saturn were staples. I played those two discs until they would play no more. Here’s to you Gwen, Tom, Tony and Adrian.

My teenage heart gets so excited when I play this song. Oh, I can’t tell you how many times I’d play this and sing along at the top of my lungs. I had no emotional similarity, but it just made me feel so good.

Another song I used to belt to. I wish I could see teenage me rocking out right now. You know, a video.

Smiling at the visual in my mind. Thirteen. Strangely skinny. Braces.

Another classic. Always a crowd pleaser.

“You’re just like my Ken and Barbie doll. You dress up and play the game.”

The queen of pink. Smashing those wedding cakes must have been fun! That looks like the Hollywood Forever cemetery. In fact, I am almost 100% sure of it.

We always wanted to be as badass as Gwen Stefani. Still do. Gwen rocks.

For all the Exes. “I find myself trying to change you/ If you were meant to be my lover then I wouldn’t have to.” I want her hair. Also, Adrian’s.

They should have done a video for this song. Love this song.

Cool vintage interview….love that they are sittin on the floor.

3 Replies to “Dianna Agron Blogs About No Doubt”

  1. wasn’t she only like nine when Tragic Kingdom was top of the charts? she couldn’t have been 13… why do so many young people want to seem like they were around in certain generations? i suppose it happens with every generation.. they want to be apart of those times when really they weren’t but do enjoy learning and researching certain moments in history.

  2. I don’t agree…I am mostly a 90’s kid, but I also grew up during the 80’s and know a lot about it and have many memories even though I was under 10…

    I never heard of this girl, but I like her already because she’s a fan LOL

  3. Love Dianna Agron to death!! I was so excited when she posted this on YM&C!!

    I love that site and this kind of made my day. I love when one of my obsessions is obsessed with another one of my obsessions!

    (that made sense, right?)

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