Girl Radical Covers “Just a Girl” For Debut

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Billboard exclusively shared new female group Girl Radical’s debut cover of “Just a Girl” on their website this afternoon and it’s… an interesting take. Girl Radical is the new project of former *Nysnc member JC Chasez and features “11 vocalists who hail from a variety of backgrounds”. On why he chose “Just a Girl”, Chasez said, “We just like the feel of it. It’s a good jumping-off point as far as a cover tune goes.”

Did No Doubt really OK this? It helps that Chasez’s co-manager on the project is Jimmy Harry, who writes and works with Tony.

21 Replies to “Girl Radical Covers “Just a Girl” For Debut”

  1. nooooooooooooo

    That song was major in 1996, now it looks like a bubblegum song. Sad sad and sad

    Did they add Push and Shove title song in the background???

  2. this song goes from female empowerment to downward spiral of LAMEness…. ugh.
    me no likey….. Write your own shit people. maybe when youve paid your dues and earned enough industry cred cover someone else’s song.. but not to start off and try and gain an audience. NO CRED. go away.

  3. Wow, it’s really bad and once again it shows that nobody can pull those songs off like Gwen. How can you choose this song for a cover and then strip it completely off all its energy? The singing is okay I guess, but what did they do to the instrumental? Did they try to make it sound “urban” or what? Ugh worst cover in the entire history of music probably… I hope this horrible band bombs and we’ll never hear from them again.

  4. Ok, a few thoughts…

    1. That’s just way TOO MANY girls to shove into one group. They all seem blandly talented and distinctly lack personalities or individuality.
    2. The change in musical style and rhythm doesn’t mesh well with the lyrics. And the girls continually trying to gyrate and strike “sexy” poses with the vaguely rhythmic variation on JAG is terrible.
    3. JAG was always satirical, even ironic. The great thing about Gwen’s vocal delivery was that she pouted and belted with equal measure. You could practically hear her sticking her tongue in her cheek while giving the finger. The use of ultra feminine images and “I’m just a girl” stood in stark contrast to the fury and anger that she wailed out some of the lyrics with. This bastardizes the song in every conceivable way.

    Somehow… I watched the whole thing.

  5. I just hate how JAG is always seen as that ultimate “girly girl anthem”, because that’s so not what Gwen wanted to say with that song. It’s not even a feminist statment really, it’s rather a playful take on contemporary cliches. Those girls really got it wrong completely. They made the song sound dumb and like it’s something girly girls will dance and giggle to at a sleepover party.

  6. I feel sick in my mouth. This is TERRIBLE!!!! I particularly hate the part where the girl in the blue skirt does the ‘I’m just a girl in the world” bit…

  7. JC Chavez says it all. I wouldn’t expect anything more from him. It’s pretty sad to hear Gwen’s song sang by these singers who do that disgusting Britney Spears throat sing-thing.

  8. I didn’t even get to the one minute mark cause it was soo bad. This was a rock ska song and they made it into a pop song, um nope, don’t like it. ThyTheye should have covered one of Brits songs if thats what they were going for. YUK.

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