From The Vault: “Days on Beacon Street”

No Doubt opened their vault again tonight and shared a photo of themselves posing together during the Beacon Street days. Very cute!

They also thanked the fans for their continued support for the band’s independent releases of The Beacon Street Collection in celebration of it’s 19th anniversary.

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  1. Sorry, but this whole vault thing is becoming a bit of a joke. Photos we have seen before and those rarities come every now and then. We all get that nothing new is coming our any in the near future (or ever), but come on! If you announce you are doing something for the fans, at least put some effort in doing it.

    1. God, I wish I could give this a 100 likes. This is, yet again, a half-assed move on their part. Just admit the band’s broken up or on an indefinite hiatus or something already.

    2. God, I wish I could give your comment 100 likes. This is some half-assed “rarity” release. I’m waiting for something we legitimately haven’t seen. At this point is it safe to assume that they’ve just broken up, stopped trying, or are on an indefinite hiatus?

  2. “At this point is it safe to assume that they’ve just broken up…”

    Wtf? Just because you’re not happy with what they’re sharing, that’s the best you could come up with? Give us a break! If the band had parted ways they wouldn’t be posting stuff to their social networks and interact with fans like nothing happened. Last year Tom admitted that they were on a short hiatus. Gwen just had her baby last month. And earlier this month when I asked Tom if they had any plans for No Doubt this year he said that he doesn’t know yet but he hopes so.
    So try to calm down and be more patient. After all No Doubt fans are used to waiting for long periods in between studio albums. Let Gwen get back in shape and inspired to hit the studio again. I’m sure they will announce something sooner than we think.

  3. NDLOVER, Pink Floyd is retired and their official social media channels are way more active than ND with daily posts and treats to fans. No need to take a bullet for the band, not all fans are as hopefull as you are. You really need to respect other fans around here.

  4. ^ Not really, Cynthia! Especially when someone says that it’s safe to assume that they’re done. Last time I checked I haven’t read anything about their break up.

  5. Fine… Cant arguee with you. After all, you are the only person entitled to have a valid opinion around here.

  6. Lol whatever you feel like. I just stated what I thought. I think it’s a bit stupid saying the band broke up when there isn’t even evidence of it.

    1. Well, there isn’t exactly any evidence that they’re working on anything or doing anything together as a group. Besides re-releasing previously seen pictures and trying to pass them off as something new.

      There’s been no word on working on new music. What ever happened to those tracks they were working on early last year? Are they ever going back into the studio? They just keep recycling the same old line about wanting to spend time with their kids, yet they never say anything about what they’re working on. If anything at all.

      Yeah, Gwen just had her baby. But still managed to release her nail polish, shoes, announce new fashion partnerships, and prove incredibly evasive about the prospect of new ND music. Or new music in general. So, she can line all of that stuff up and roll it out over the past few months, but getting back into the studio while pregnant was just too hard? Gimme a break.

      This is NDVault thing is a bit of a flop so far. They’ve got no behind the scenes footage to show? Videos from their early club gigs? Demo versions of songs to share? This band meant the world to me at 8, and I’ve loved them since then. But between how mismanaged Push & Shove was to this current dead air from them regarding new music, I just can’t anymore. Indefinite hiatus? Broken up? Secretly working on new music? Announce something!!

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