From The Vault: Backstage with George Lucas

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Thank you to No Doubt for sharing a cool and familiar photo of the band with Star Wars‘ creator George Lucas backstage after their stop in Mountain View, California on the Tragic Kingdom tour back on May 30, 1997.

The story behind this photo was that the band invited both George and his daughter (whom was a big No Doubt fan at the time!) backstage after the show to meet them. To return the favor, George invited No Doubt to the set of Star Wars in London soon after!

6 Replies to “From The Vault: Backstage with George Lucas”

  1. This picture was already shared by the band so long ago… while they were recording ROS and they updated almost daily with new pictures.

  2. Seriously, if these pictures are the most excitng stuff in their vault, they should just lock it again and dump into the ocean. What “rare” picture will they share next? The TK cover?

  3. I’m sure there are younger or newer fans who have not seen that picture, but it would be nice if they shared something rare…or outtakes or something new.

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