Former No Doubt Member Talks About The Early Years

Former member of No Doubt, Gabriel “The Gun” Gonzalez, has recently spoke out to Reunion Blues about the early years of the band. Though we haven’t agreed with things that he has said in the past regarding the band, it’s still a pretty cool read and gives us a little more insight on the old school era.

Reunion Blues — The year was 1985, the place was Loara High School behind the Orange Curtain in Anaheim California. It was a very exciting time for us outcasts of sunny Southern California. Punks, Mods, Skinheads (non-racist kind) and Rock-A-Billies roamed among tourists from far off elusive lands all to get a glimpse of the over-grown mouse on steroids over there at Disney Land … D-Land, as we liked to call it.

It was a melting pot of ideas and sounds that were cooking in Anaheim that year, and myself and a small group of like minded cats were about to start something new. A group of us “band geeks” that played in the marching band, who all happened to be into the Mod and Ska scene that hit the West Coast in the late 70ʼs and early 80ʼs decided to form a Ska band. The name of this early trendsetting Ska group was Applecore. Yeah I know, kinda lame. But after a number of performances at our school, other schools and a church, and after some personnel changes and additions … we voted on a name change, the winning name was No Doubt.

Thus a new era was to begin for us “band geeks” on that beautiful sunny So-Cal day. We started to play covers at every party we could, mainly in and around Orange County. From these parties, word got around concerning this new band of ours and the cute little blonde that fronted the band who would instigate the craziest mosh pits you would ever see. Yes, a Ska band playing music with the biggest mosh pits you could imagine, and creating cloud storms that could be seen from space! The parties started to get out of control, and no home could contain the crowds that would accompany the soon to be legendary band from Anaheim.

Next was Hollywood, and there was no stopping us at that point. Within no time, we owned Los Angeles. Every club and “hotspot” in LA wanted to have No Doubt on their stage, and we weren’t complaining. With our new found stardom, there came a desire to have killer gear and the right look, and letʼs face it … we needed to look cool, and walking around town with my ax in a traditional Trumpet case just wasn’t very cool looking.

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