Footage from UC Irvine Surfaces in “Rare Collection” Video

A new video has surfaced on YouTube courtesy of Richard Alan White that features over 10 minutes of rare footage of No Doubt backstage goofing off and during soundcheck from UC Irvine in 1991. Fans may remember parts of the “rockumentary” that includes portions of “Discovering Gwen Stefani 1991” that went viral a few years back. Richard has since uploaded the new video featuring audio from the soundcheck of “Squeal” which was previously unheard in a narrated version of the clip that was shared before.

It’s an incredible find and we’re thankful to Richard for sending in and sharing such a treasure with fans after all these years!

5 Replies to “Footage from UC Irvine Surfaces in “Rare Collection” Video”

  1. Really cool footage haha! I love early No Doubt so much. Funny to hear Gwen’s backup career plan way back then was ‘fashion designer’! But holy cow is that female interviewer a moron or what…YES they have been together four years Gwen just said it, twice! Bit about John Spence was cringe worthy too. I hope she’s doing other things with her life now.
    Anyway, really nice to see this material, including the sound check of Squeal! I’ve never heard Squeal life before.
    I do wish there’d also been an interview with Eric. I guess the interviewer was just too clueless to realize that he was the brains behind the operation.

  2. Loved that. God, Adrian looks incredibly gorgeous. It can is kind of easy to overlook how attractive he is because he often wears makeup and hair that distract from his handsomeness. The hair cut is dated, but he looks nice as a blonde. I thought it was funny how Tom said Adrian was the single faceted drummer… both guys seemed to be trying to pick up the interviewer.

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