Flashback: No Doubt In Seventeen Magazine

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Yesterday on our Facebook Photo of the Day feature we posted a vintage scan from a 1996 issue of Seventeen magazine where the band was featured with a small questionnaire. A lot of fans were curious is seeing a larger scan and the rad Monica sent us in hers — and it happens to be signed by the band (including small doodles from them!) We transcribed the scan for everyone and the some of the quotes are priceless. The band’s favorite expression back then was “high postin'” and Gwen is quoted saying how tough it was for her after her breakup with Tony saying she still missed him and wanted to kiss him sometimes. Aww! Click here for a larger version.

No doubt about it: Gwen Stefani is more than “just a girl” — she and her band have a sound and style that totally rocks.

Girls rule:
“It makes me feels great when the guys in the mosh pit tell me I rock.” – Gwen

Going platinum:
“I’ve dyed my hair pink, yellow and every other color in the world, so I finally had to try blond. It takes a lot of work, but I dig it.” – Gwen

The ex-files:
“It’s important that Gwen and I maintain our friendship because we’ve worked so hard [for nine years] and now everything is happening for us.” – Tony

Just a friend:
“It’s totally difficult ’cause I still love him and just, like, want to kiss him sometimes.” – Gwen

Rockin’ bod:
“I keep in shape on tour by rollerblading around arenas and jumping off speakers on stage.” – Gwen

Buzz bin:
The rumor is that when No Doubt toured with Bush last Spring, Gwen and Gavin became an item. (Jealous or what?)

Fancy pants:
“I like to look special on stage, so my friend and I design my clothes. We even stud my bras with rhinestones.” – Gwen

Wrist watch:
One of Gwen’s silver bangles says “No” and the other “Doubt”. (Psst: Adrian had the band’s name tattooed way up high on his upper — and we mean upper-thigh.)

Words of wisdom:
“‘High postin'” is our favorite expression. It’s synonymous with living large and working it. We’re high postin’ right now.” – Tom

Lord of the fleas:
“We [the guys] have shopped in flea markets and vintage stores in Southern California since the seventh grade. We don’t really like new clothes.” – Tom

Why the devil’ do?:
“Because I’m wicked when I play the drums.” – Adrian

3 Replies to “Flashback: No Doubt In Seventeen Magazine”

  1. I know, right! It’s kind of laughable since it’s been so long ago! I wonder what they think when they read stuff like this.

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