Flashback Friday: Rock Steady Live Rarites

Today on this edition’s of Flashback Friday we wanted to showcase some live versions of songs off the band’s Rock Steady album that were not played very often or that were played exclusively during the 2002 tours. Were you able to check out the tours?

7 Replies to “Flashback Friday: Rock Steady Live Rarites”

  1. Whoa…never occured to my dumb butt to look on youtube for that Nashville show. I was in the front in front of Tony. What a great day. Had to skip school and drive a few hours but it was worth it. Tom gave me a guitar pick, made my year. I’ve got a lot of surprisingly great pictures from a disposable camera from the show!

  2. yeah if you look at the video of Just a Girl, they have an extra long intro and she comes back with her butt flap up way higher to cover the duct tape! Also during the show, she wiped her face on a white towel and it made an exact impression from her makeup, it looked awesome. Some lucky girl in the crowd behind me got it. Is there an email I can send some of the pics to?

  3. haha I don’t remember how it happened, exactly….they split right down the seem of her butt. They duct taped her up but that failed, so they taped her again and moved her butt flappy thing up higher to cover it. quite funny!

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