Flashback Friday: ‘Return of Saturn’ Tour Rehearsals and Interview

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For this week’s Flashback Friday, we’re featuring an inside look and interview during No Doubt’s Return of Saturn tour rehearsals from spring 2000.

This professional footage features full run-throughs of “Simple Kind of Life”, “Bathwater” and “Spiderwebs”. The band also sat down with Dave Adelson for an interview on the new album, coming back after Tragic Kingdom and how they describe their signature sound.

The video comes courtesy of the forever amazing No Doubt Live Channel and we recommend checking them out for more rare goodies.

6 Replies to “Flashback Friday: ‘Return of Saturn’ Tour Rehearsals and Interview”

  1. I’ve actually never seen this before! Everything about her style, makeup and hair was perfect during that era.
    She doesn’t take chances like that anymore and I wish she would.

  2. on the video, gwen stefani seems to take drug to put off the tiredness during the tour ? cause she has big rings !
    or is it a normal path for a fun and inspirate rock star like her ?
    or both ?

    she said in an another video also that on stage there are a lot of dealers’ drugs although she prefers mainly with no doubt firstly have fun by playing music and not to be sick with drugs.

    ( in lyrics she said also “she divorced with her dependance”, spoke alcohol, extasy (the real meaning ?)

    maybe fans know what’s happen really around a rock star like g.s?

  3. I believe that lyric refers to her break up with Tony and meeting Gavin. She has talked about how dependent she was on Tony in the past. That’s my interpretation anyway…

    I think the only drug Gwen does is marijuana.

    1. ok,ok
      you are probably in the true ! i suppose nobody knows exactly the real meaning autor’s lyrics.

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