Flashback Friday: Live in Tokyo 2000

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On today’s Flashback Friday, we’re featuring a pretty rare interview and performance clips of a couple of songs from No Doubt’s stop in Tokyo, Japan on September 30, 2000. Thank you to bAbeFroman for uploading yet another awesome video for everyone to enjoy. We had never seen this interview before and the clips of “Ex-Girlfriend” and “Sunday Morning”. Also Gwen’s Can’t Touch This shirt is classic.

10 Replies to “Flashback Friday: Live in Tokyo 2000”

  1. Over 12 years later and her fashion sense from that time is still refreshing. Most others would look dated, but she looks awesome 😉

  2. WOW! I want to be babefroman when I grow up! He seems to be on a diet of redbull and youtube lately.

    I’d take a copy of this on DVD but I’d imagine Jenny would just upload super high quality links here, right Jenny? 🙂

    One thing that I wonder about with Babefroman, is why upload all of these to youtube with the max quality set at 480p?

    I’ve been waiting many moons for a full ROS gig to appear, I’ll save this for a special night of much needed inspiration.

    Thanks for posting Jen!

  3. Chaser, if I do get my hands on it I would share it for sure.

    bAbeFroman is the man. How he gets his hands on all the ND gold blows my mind and I think he’s so cool for sharing everything with everyone. Best YouTuber ever.

  4. Chaser, he puts them up with a max quality of 480p because that’s what they are. These come from DVD or VHS recordings (which are 480p max). They weren’t recorded in HD, so they can’t be on YouTube in HD. 🙂

  5. Thanks Heather and Jenny!

    Sorry guys, I have not been sleeping well lately and just realized I clicked the babefroman link to youtube and was talking about this gig and video, not the one in this post, HA!

    He mentions in the details of this video “Unless Mr Keyes or the Douche poops out another ros show, this is the only full stage full ROS show available to NxD Fans. I hated the camera work on this but now just happy to have it filmed for us by whoever the prophet wuz.”

    A full video’d ND ROS gig!? Sounds like heaven, I think the audio for this shows been out a while, not sure I lost my external hard drive in a fire…….so…… meh…..anywho still exciting to have so many ND concerts up on youtube!

    Thanks again to all the hard core ND peeps who are so kind to upload all of the video and audio you guys have through all these years!

    One Love,

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