Flashback Friday: Live in Seattle 2000

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For this week’s edition of Flashback Friday, we’re looking back at one of my favorite shows, No Doubt live in Seattle, Washington back on June 24, 2000.

The first time I saw No Doubt was in my hometown of Seattle at the EMP Grand Opening Show held at Memorial Stadium on June 24, 2000. No Doubt were second to last to play and were on stage for about 45 minutes. I was only 14 years old and I remember standing in complete awe the whole time No Doubt was on. This being my first time seeing them (my parents thought I was little too young to see them back on the Tragic Kingdom tour), I can honestly say I was a little bummed Seattle didn’t get a full show during the Return of Saturn tour but they delivered and it was a dream come true seeing them live onstage. They opened up with “Ex-Girlfirend” and closed with “Spiderwebs”, which were two of my favorite No Doubt songs. I also remember seeing them performing “Bathwater”, “New”, “Simple Kind of Life”, “Sunday Morning”, “Just a Girl” and “Don’t Speak”. And just my luck, VH1 was there to document the Grand Opening of the Experience Music Project so my first concert was available to me (for the most part) any time I wanted. Very special!

21 Replies to “Flashback Friday: Live in Seattle 2000”

  1. Love the ROS era. Has anyone here heard of the band missing persons? Gwens hair and makeup during this era reminds me of the lead singer Dale Bozzio.

  2. I love to watch to this concert, RoS is my favorite No Doubt album by far. But I love RS as well. Guys, does someone knows when will Shine be officially released? Maybe in a soundtrak for Paddington… I need the HQ version.

  3. @JENNY, wow thats so cool that your first ND show was professionally documented! im a lil jealous & actually suprised at how young you are, i thought you were older lol

  4. Debbie never did the pink hair and her makeup is usually more sophisticated. I think Gwen was heavily influenced by Dale!

  5. The haircut and her ROS style was an ode to Debbie for sure, but the hair color was all Gwen! I think that was Gwen’s best era for fashion. The colors and retro looks she put together were amazing.

  6. Ive never heard Gwen mention the missing persons ever, but she has many times blondie and debbie. i love the mising persons and of course they fall into all the 80s inspiration ND has, but i would think gwen would think Dales personal style was kind of cheesy.. (she doesnt look back on her ROS style too fondly)— debbie lasted generations

  7. Gwen said she pretty much ripped off Debbie during the ROS era lol. She was pretty much Debie with the pink hair lol

  8. Gwen always said the pink hair came after a break up with Gavin. That’s the story she tells anyway. I’ve never heard of Missing Persons before and I don’t recall Gwen ever mentioning them or Dale as an influence (or being a fan). I googled Dale and I thought it was Lady Gaga at first LOL

  9. I remember her mention kabuki as an influence for her makeup, especially the looks for New and Ex-Girlfriend. Maybe that’s why she decided to try the pink hair to match it.

  10. I recall Gwen saying in an interview that the pink hair was inspired by a poster of a girl with “gorgeous cotton candy hair.” Everything else definitely looks like Debbie Harry.

  11. There are no quotes from Gwen in that article so I think it’s more of an opinion piece. I just don’t see it I guess. Dale had pink hair, but style of clothing is nothing like Gwen. I see more similarities with Gaga (who rips off everybody).

  12. Yeah Rosie Marie, I remember her mention that poster. But she couldn’t get the colour right so she went for hot pink instead.

  13. Jenny! This was my first time seeing them too! It was amazing. I actually saw Tony, Adrian an Gwen exiting out of the EMP a day before they performed…I was so in shock that they happened to be there right at that moment, I couldn’t talk to them. What was interesting is that Gwen was wearing a platinum blonde wig and it worked well, cuz I didn’t realize it was her at first. Adrian looked rad with his leopard dyed hair. Loved it! I think I just stared looking all stupid. Haha! Yeah, I was 15 and a dorky fan! Oh those were the days.:)

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