Flashback Friday: Live in Nashville 2002

For this week’s edition of Flashback Friday, we’re looking back at a special daytime free concert that the band put on for the fans in Nashville, Tennessee back on October 14, 2002.

No Doubt performed live at the intersection of First Avenue and Broadway in Nashville for an afternoon show at 12:00 PM. The city blocked off the intersection and the band performed on the back of a semi-truck. The event was sponsored by Nissan North America and No Doubt was also there to promote their new 350Z. No Doubt posed for photos and autographed a vehicle which went on display at the Lane Motor Museum in 2012.

Gwen mentioned during the performance that the band cancelled a show that was scheduled at the Pennsylvania State University to play in Nashville.

10/14/2002 — Nashville, Tennessee — Intersection of First Avenue and Broadway
Hella Good / Sunday Morning / Ex-Girlfriend / Underneath it All / Making Out / Bathwater / Different People / New / Don’t Speak / Hey Baby / Just a Girl / Spiderwebs

“Hella Good”

“Sunday Morning”


“Underneath It All”

“Making Out”


“Different People”


“Don’t Speak”

“Hey Baby”

“Just a Girl”


The videos came courtesy of Greener Pastures which you can download here. Enjoy!

11 Replies to “Flashback Friday: Live in Nashville 2002”

  1. I might of been at this show… hmmmmm…. hehehe. Funny….I just got back from TN about 5 minutes ago….where I ran into a mister Donnie Spada and got some dirt on ND. I’ll give you the details when I can think straight tomorrow.

    At this Nashville gig 2002 stylee….I made a sign asking Tom if I could have a guitar pic. He must of thrown close to 100 of them at me, multiple hand fulls of pics. Hehe. Old skool shit. Fuck I miss ND.

    One love.

    1. Ooh… you’ve got me intrigued! I appreciate it, thank you. Its great to see you posting again, too. 🙂

  2. So I went to see 311 in Chattanooga and ran into Donnie out in front of the venue, cause he does the guitars for them. We chatted for a few minutes before the line started moving and I had to dip.

    I asked if Gwen is going solo again or not and he said “We’re not sure whats going on.” “She said she doesn’t ever want to tour solo again.” He said something about a lot of drama a few weeks ago, I said something about the new management and he said it was something else, I didn’t push him on that tho…. But the new management deal should be done in a few days and it looks to be the guy you mentioned on your site. He use to do the eagles and some other big bands. Donnie said No Doubt feel that the new management having a background with bands is a good thing. They are not really happy with the way management and and the label handled the last album. They hope this will help….

    They had an offer to do a show and intended on it, but Gwen got the voice and that deal happened rather sudden. He said that books Gwen out of touring for a long time and they hope to tour Summer 2015. He said it will be 20 years since Tragic Kingdom and they feel good about getting things ready for that.

    He also said he spoke to Gabe and Gabe mentioned that he wants to work and tour, he said all the guys in ND do….

    We also got pretty deep and heated on the whole whatever happened to ND over the last 11 or so years. It was nice to talk to someone who is passionate about it too. We both had some choice words for the people manipulating Gwen over the years. And Its nice to know that I was right about that according to someone on the inside…

    So theres no official word on going solo again or not. Hopefully its just hot air or just to get people talking about her again. No full tour till summer 2015 at least, but hopefully a few shows here and there as they have offers….????

  3. Hey! I really appreciate it. What a lucky moment for you!

    In regards to touring, it all makes sense. Even Gwen said in her Today interview that the Voice thing just happened. I did hear that the band was scheduled for Jay Z’s Made in America festival in Los Angeles but plans fell through. Which is a total bummer if that’s the case. Touring next summer would make up for it though, but hopefully they have plans to perform new music, which would play off of what Adrian said in the hopes of regrouping at the end of this year.

    In my personal opinion, I could see that the band looked physically defeated towards the end of 2012 with how the album was promoted (or lack therof) so the switch in management isn’t that big of a surprise. I think it’s a huge move for them so I’m excited to see what’s coming next. I am curious about this drama but I’m sure everything’s okay…

    And I bet all the boys want to get back out there! I want them! I could even see them reviving the Tragic Kingom tour — that would be huge!

    The whole solo thing (I think) is just a way to get her name into everyone’s mouths again. Especially with The Voice. Her solo career was huge and I could see it carrying her through the year until it’s ND time. I am curious about these rumored collaborations but we’ll have to see.

    Again, I really appreciate you sharing your story with me. You gave me that *really happy* feeling inside with some positive ND news! You rock, thank you.

  4. Your welcome. 🙂 I couldn’t really believe it happened like that. But it gave me some closure and some hope on No Doubt. Being that close to the No Doubt camp was a nice uplifting thing for me, I needed that right now. I’ve not been around much real No Doubt since 2009…. I thought they reunited and stuff…..not so sure now, hahaha! But things are looking up and they are all still healthy and happy and tomorrow is a new day…..more like next year is a new year…but still…hehehe. HOPE!

    Thanks for the site! One love,

  5. It’s pretty obvious its been happening a lot since 2004-05 I mean she said in interviews she didn’t want to go solo, it was just supposed to be one solo song. But some ass hat decided to push her into it and had a lot of influence and power over her and her husband and still does and only cares about financial gain and promoting his companies and BS and doesn’t have respect for anyone or anything. Many have seen it and been pissed off about it thru the years. I mentioned it and without even saying a name Donnie knew who and what I was speaking of and had a few choice feelings on the topic that echoed mine. Hell he knew alot more about it than I did. hehehe. Poor guy just wants ND back….me too…..me too…. Too much to ask?

    Sorry I just don’t feel its appropriate to go into too much detail on this subject on here. Being that it involves other people and stuff…. But if you pay attention or have paid attention thru the years. It is there and you can piece together why ND is dead. It’s not cause of Gwen…..not really. I mean maybe a little…..but she was for sure pushed and pulled into a lot of things that helped put ND down. And that wouldn’t of happened without the grip of evil men.

  6. You have some interesting insight. Oddly, it brings to mind my pondering of why ND gets snubbed from a lot of the award shows. It even happened to gwen when solo. Guess it was the management or odd timing on when the albums come out. Know it’s random but I just need to vent about the freakin award shows basically turning a blind eye to their album. I mean are those kinds of things fixed or something or…. Why do they not get nominated?

  7. I don’t necessarily agree with all those theories, but it’s not worth discussing here and I wouldn’t want to get Donnie in hot water. It’s really cool of him to be so open though. I’m sure there is a lot we don’t know about behind the scenes. The band has never been the type to burn bridges or gossip.

  8. “manipulating Gwen”????????
    OMG, naive No Doubters!
    Gwen saw those bright Hollywood lights wayyyyy before 2004

    Theres no one to blame for No Doubt’s state as a band other than them and the new album they released. If the album wouldve been great then it would’ve thrived without management, the music it self is the #1 thing to blame.
    & Donnie isn’t part of ND’s camp like he’d like to be.

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