Flashback Friday: Live in Long Beach 1987

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For today’s Flashback Friday, we’re featuring some of the oldest live footage from No Doubt that’s available. This week we’re showcasing No Doubt’s live show in Long Beach, California for the Mod Expo held at Fender’s Ballroom back on September 26, 1987.

No Doubt headlined this show with some of California’s biggest ska acts including The Question, Big Express, Donkey Show and The Key. John Spence’s performance is electrifying onstage while the band played some early classics including an early version of “Pizza, Coke and Ice Cream” (more commonly known as “A Little Something Refreshing”). No Doubt closed their set with their ska cover of Jean Knight’s 1971 hit, “Mr. Big Stuff”.

The full show is amazingly on YouTube courtesy of cactuscallahan and features some of the rarest footage available. We thought this would be a special show to share in honor of the band’s 27th anniversary of their first live show. Enjoy!

The videos are in setlist order below.

09/26/1987 — Long Beach, California — Fender’s Ballroom
Aladdin (Intro)/No Doubt / Bouncin’ Shoes / Jerros / Rampage / Showin’ Off / Baggy Trousers / Get A Life / Pizza, Coke & Ice Cream / Paulina / Total Hate / Mr. Big Stuff
Setlist submitted by Eric Keyes!

“Aladdin (Intro) / No Doubt”

“Bouncin’ Shoes”



“Showin’ Off”

“Baggy Trousers”

“Get A Life”

“Pizza, Coke and Ice Cream (A Little Something Refreshing)”


“Total Hate” (Clip)

“Mr. Big Stuff”

2 Replies to “Flashback Friday: Live in Long Beach 1987”

  1. Fantastic! It looks like it was a big, fun party.:) Too bad I was 2 years old at the time. It would have been something to see John Spence perform. A totally different dynamic. He brought a ton of energy!

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