Flashback Friday: Live in Hollywood 1997

For today’s Flashback Friday, we’re looking back at No Doubt’s amazing set during the Enough Already benefit show held back in Hollywood, California on January 11, 1997 (Tom’s Birthday!). The concert was put on in dedication of Bradley Nowell, good friend of No Doubt and late singer of Sublime. The band headlined the tribute concert at the Hollywood Palladium which raised over $40,000 for a scholarship fund for Bradley’s son, Jakob.

Rolling Stone reviewed the show saying:

While there was a dearth of the usual Gwen-o-philes at the Palladium, No Doubt’s engaging ska and endless energy was the ideal capper to a long and surprisingly varied night. Gwen Stefani’s coltish, coquettish persona was cutesy but truly charismatic, while the endlessly skanking horn and keyboard players incited the crowd to manic proportions.

“Spiderwebs,” “Don’t Speak” and “Just a Girl” were included, but when nearly the entire evening’s cast of musical characters joined No Doubt for a marvelous rendition of the Beatles “Ob La Di, Ob La Da” — a tune that lends itself easily to ska influences — and Brad Nowell’s beloved Dalmatian, Lou, made an onstage appearance, it was a poignant moment of pleasure and sadness. As the Beatles wrote, “Ob la di, ob la da … life goes on,” but sadly, not for Brad

No Doubt put on an ideal set with some of the biggest hits and covers of both Sublime’s “Pawn Shop” and The Beatles’ “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da”, which ended the night with a huge group onstage of No Doubt’s closest friends and other participating bands.

Setlist: Excuse Me Mr. / Happy Now? / Just a Girl / Sailin’ On (fast) / DJs / Don’t Speak / Total Hate/Pawn Shop / Sunday Morning / Spiderwebs / Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da

Click here to see photos from the show which you can also download here.

10 Replies to “Flashback Friday: Live in Hollywood 1997”

  1. This is pretty much 1996 version of ND. It’s not even 2 weeks into 97. Real 97 ND was that huge Tragic Kingdom tour they did that sailed across the world. The tour from that Live In The TK dvd. That is ND 97. This is ND 96, regardless of the date.

        1. Actually… lol. My mom used to bust me all the time in my room singing around pretending to be Gwen. Beacon Street Bimbo was everything to me back in the day. I could probably still imitate every word Gwen sings during that show still!

  2. HA! Again pics or…. 🙂

    I use to wear out those bootlegs back in the day. I use to call record stores all across america and ask them if they had any ND live albums. I literally would do this for hours and hours, until I found them and they cost 50 bucks each most of the time. I must of spent near 500 bucks alone on them, as a kid in middle school that’s a lot of mowing lawns and washing cars. 🙂 But oh my god did I love those damn albums!

    I think my favorite was that one that starts off “ORANGE COUNTIES OWN INMATES, NOOOOOO DOOOOOUUUBTTT!!!!!” I get so much energy from that album I could power the planet for eternity.

    What happened to No Doubt? Sigh.

    1. Hell yeah! I think you’re referring to Disneyland Demos, with the Weenie Roast show, that version of “Let’s Get Back” is incredible!

      And thanks for the tip! I’m scared to look now. I need a ND fix though. It’s been awhile!

  3. Hey,

    Just an FYI. You might want to make a post about this so others can indulge too.

    The No Doubt official store is having the biggest sale I’ve ever seen from them, not only is it free shipping for orders over 50 bucks….but you get anywhere from I think 20 – 35% off depending how much you spend. I freaked when I saw it and spent almost 200 bucks. EEK!!! But once it gets here, I’ll look pretty fly for a white guy. 😉 HA!

    The sale ends on NOV 28th I believe. ENJOY!

  4. I was at that show. It was great but also a little crazy. During the breakdown of Spiderwebs when Gwen sang “it’s all your fault” over and over with the audience she said “this is for Bradley.” I assume referring to the fact that his death was caused by a drug overdose. The audience got angry and started throwing things at the stage. Something hit Gwen in the head (either a shoe or water bottle if I recall correctly) and she stepped away from the mike and the music stopped. Tony then went up to the mike and said something like if the audience didn’t calm down and stop they would end their set right then. No one threw anything else after that and they finished the show.

    1. Woah… really? I have never heard of that story. I’ll have to watch the video again to see if I can catch it. I did notice a lot of people throwing things at the stage during the set. Poor Gwen.

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