Flashback Friday: Live in Hamburg 2000

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For today’s Flashback Friday, we’re looking back at No Doubt’s live showcase in Hamburg, Germany back on March 3, 2000. The band headed overseas to promote their new album, Return of Saturn, and debuted some new tracks for lucky fans that included “Marry Me”, “Staring Problem” and “Too Late”. Check out the full showcase that aired on TMF in early 2000. Enjoy!

Setlist: New / Sunday Morning / Ex-Girlfriend / Magic’s in the Makeup / Bathwater / Just a Girl / Marry Me / Staring Problem / Don’t Speak / Simple Kind of Life / Excuse Me Mr. // Too Late / Spiderwebs

5 Replies to “Flashback Friday: Live in Hamburg 2000”

  1. Gosh I wish she’d go back to being creative/daring like this style wise. It’s the perfect blend of Debbie Harry and Gwen’s signature look. In fact, they all looked great during this era. Great show!

  2. I won tickets for this show through NDIFC, if only they notified me a bit earlier than a just a few hours before the show started…. lol. So in the end I missed the show, but luckily we have the video! Return to Saturn memories!!

    1. Aw, really? That’s a bummer! Well, congrats on winning though! And thankfully we ended up with footage from the whole show!

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