Flashback Friday: Live in Chula Vista 2002

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On today’s Flashback Friday, we’re looking back at No Doubt’s short and vibrant set during the KHTS YS3 Radio Show held in Chula Vista, California at the Coors Amphitheater back on June 14, 2002. Being one of their last performances in the States before hitting the road in Europe, Asia and Australia, the band put on an incredible show full of party streamers and Pussycat Dolls.

Enjoy and you can download the show here.

Your Show 3 KHTS Radio Show
06/14/2002 — Chula Vista, California — Coors Amphitheater
Rock Steady (Intro) / Hella Good / Sunday Morning / Bathwater / Different People / Underneath it All / Don’t Speak / Hey Baby / Ex-Girlfriend / Spiderwebs

3 Replies to “Flashback Friday: Live in Chula Vista 2002”

  1. Look at the joy and energy they projected when performing on that tour. What happened to it? Where has the passion gone? Do kids suck that out of you or something? LOL

    1. They were all still hungry for it. This was before the solo albums, endorsement deals, fashion lines, etc. Once she started getting all of those big checks and didn’t need to struggle for the success quite as much, she got lazy. They’re seriously in danger of becoming an “Oh yeah… I remember them!” band. Need to get back in the studio ASAP. At the very least, she should be doing stuff with Calvin Harris, Zedd, Martin Solveig, etc. to keep them out in the wider pop culture world. It’s all kinda sad how far they’ve fallen away from the band we see here. :\

  2. I can’t believe this was 2002. I went to this show and it feels like it was just a year ago. Wango Tango and this event were full of energy but they were younger with a hit album.

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