Flashback Friday: Live in Chicago 1996

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For today’s Flashback Friday, we’re looking back at No Doubt’s live performance in Chicago, Illinois back on May 26, 1996 for the Q101 Jamboree.

No Doubt performed first on the main stage and kicked off their performance with “Spiderwebs”, which unfortunately is not included in the video.

After some digging around, we found this review from the show courtesy of Entertainment Avenue:

If I did complain, like I said before, most of it would be to the fact that the show continued on time over on the main stage. It was kinda a pisser to miss part of the first two songs from No Doubt. This band had much more intensity and energy that seemed to be lacking from the Buzz Stage. [Gwen] was running around the stage dancing and singing and strutting and flaunting her stuff. It was pretty incredible that she could keep it up for thirty minutes.

Besides [Gwen], there were these two dudes that were kinda like her horn section/piano players/backup dancers/backup singers/all around energy boosters. There was quite a flurry of activity going on up on that stage, and I must say I was completely impressed and am probably gonna run out and purchase their album/CD in the very near future. The crowd also seemed to enjoy it also, but it did also appear that not everyone had settled in for the long haul. They must have been out checking out the hemp jewelry or the playstation exhibit going on out in the concession area. Too bad too, cuz I think they missed one of the highlight acts of the day. No Doubt gets Two Thumbs Up without a doubt.

Though the video is hard to watch at times, the audio is great. MTV was also there to film the show and interviewed the band. Enjoy!

5/26/1996 — Chicago, Illinois — Tinley Park
Move On / Sunday Morning / Total Hate / Don’t Speak / Just a Girl / Excuse Mr Mr.

4 Replies to “Flashback Friday: Live in Chicago 1996”

  1. I miss her messy punk-thrift-shop-homemade-clothes style from back then. Sometimes she’s a little too polished/perfect nowadays.

    And if only that reviewer knew what “the chick” (how degrading) would become.

  2. I actially checked out the link to the review and OMFG! I don’t blame you for altering his language. “Black dudes” and “the chick”, really?? I seriously hope that guys reviews have gotten better since then. Did he even mention Adrian, Tony or Tom at all?

    The audio was great on the second video, but OMFG, the video itself was horrible. I’ve never seen so much moving around before. lol

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