Flashback Friday: Live in Amsterdam 2000

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We’ve been slacking a bit on our Flashback Fridays — but I swear we’ll keep on it (especially during this apparent down time). Today we’re looking back at another flawless show during the Return of Saturn era held at their stop in Amsterdam back on April 27, 2000. No Doubt played a pretty intimate showcase at the Paradiso which was filmed in whole for TMF. The concert is really amazing and featured five new songs from the record at the time. The setlist is below and is all included in the video above — enjoy! You can also check out fan photos from the show here in our gallery.

04/27/2000 — Amsterdam, Netherlands — Paradiso
New / Sunday Morning / Bathwater / Magic’s in the Makeup / Just a Girl / Simple Kind of Life / Excuse Me Mr. / Don’t Speak / Ex-Girlfriend / Spiderwebs

12 Replies to “Flashback Friday: Live in Amsterdam 2000”

  1. God her hair was fantastic then… I know she’s older now, but I’d love for her to push the envelope again and try something different… That’s also one of my favorite stage outfits of hers…

    What a great crowd… I miss pre-cell phone crowds! Maybe that’s one reason they are different live now…cause the crowds suck. They need that energy…

  2. Mean? The girl looked back at Gwen before she did it and smiled after… I thought it was cute… It’s Gwen’s stage and that girl was blocking her! LOL

  3. To much too young seriously sooooooooo amazing to watch I was waiting for hella good the whole time 😉 every single person here jumping with us right right right now!!! In a few more years Gwen keep on dancing

    1. You were waiting for Hella Good the whole time? That song didn’t come out till rocksteady, how could you not know that?

  4. I was there at the front row!! It was amazing, people climbing on stage and were kicked back in the crowd by Gwen and her bodyguard lol! Wow, almost 13 years ago, memories…..

  5. By the way, funny fact: this whole evening was a showcase for different artists. Pink was there too, she did only 2 or 3 songs (like There You Go) and nobody even cared, can’t imagine that would happen today!

  6. Caroline, wow! The show looked incredible and I had no idea other artists performed as well that night.

    And I agree. I do love how accessible others are to the show even if they are not there (via videos, Instagram, Twitter) but this time I think was more magical and enjoyable. I bet the band wishes for simpler times like this, too.

  7. i don’t what that person saying “they need energy now” is talking about. saw gibson shows and jimmy kimmel and they were RAUCOUS. i agree it’s annoying now how people just hold up their phones BUT it DOES get youtube and social media buzz going, but i wish people would keep it to a minimum! 2013 tour BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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