Flashback Friday: Live at Red Rocks 1996

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Today’s Flashback Friday is a good one. Probably some of my favorite (if not absolute) No Doubt live footage ever.

Back in early May of 1996, the band performed an amazing and electric set while opening for Bush in Denver, Colorado at the Red Rocks Amphitheater. You may recognize the live audio since it was snagged and put on the band’s unofficial Sushi Chick bootleg. The video aired on television so the source comes from a pretty nice broadcast which included “Spiderwebs”, “Don’t Speak” and “Excuse Me Mr.”

But the icing on the cake of this performance, is “Excuse Me Mr.” This version ranks very high on some No Doubt’s fans lists as the best live performance of all-time, including mine, from the band. The energy is insane and music is on point. And that ending? Could you imagine being in that crowd now? Crazy!

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