Flashback Friday: iHeartRadio Music Festival; Audio Download

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For this week’s edition of Flashback Friday, we’re featuring No Doubt’s full live set in Las Vegas, Nevada for the iHeartRadio Music Festival back on September 21, 2012.

No Doubt headlined the opening night of the festival held at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino where they debuted their second single from Push and Shove, “Looking Hot”, live for the first time. Fans may also remember the now iconic collaboration and guest appearance from P!nk for “Just a Girl” which closed the show. The show was streamed live worldwide live for all No Doubters to enjoy (with select performances which aired at a later date on TV), so thankfully we have the full set in super high quality! I remember waiting (with so many other fans!) for the show to kick off. The anticipation was getting the best out of all of us and No Doubt delivered a stellar performance!

I have also ripped the high quality audio which can be downloaded from the site here. Enjoy!

“Hella Good”


“It’s My Life”

“Looking Hot”

“Don’t Speak”

“Just a Girl” featuring P!nk

4 Replies to “Flashback Friday: iHeartRadio Music Festival; Audio Download”

  1. That bit of “Hella Good” where Gwen and Tony walk towards each other like robots (around the four minute mark)…. when did that start? I feel like I remember it from something else. Did they do that live before?

    1. They’ve been doing variations of it since the Rock Steady tour in 2002. Most prominantly people might remember it from the summer 2009 tour.

  2. Not Gwen’s best vocal performance of Hella Good… I wish Pink and Gwen would collaborate! I love it when Pink shouts out, “but she’s the raddest girl in the world!” 🙂

  3. “Looking Hot” was a rough vocal, but I liked the rest of the performance. Pink coming out during JAG was a cute surprise.

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