Flashback Friday: Channel V Interview 2000

For this week’s edition of Flashback Friday, we’re looking back at a interview with No Doubt from Channel V that aired in the spring of 2000 on Australian television.

The band sat down to chat about their new album Return of Saturn and said it was the first time they were able to focus on music while writing. Gwen says that the band took the album very seriously and felt like they put a lot of pressure on themselves to write their best record yet. No Doubt finished and mastered a new album in the fall of 1999 but went back into the studio again. Gwen goes on to say the band came up with many different album titles but went with Return of Saturn, a lyric from “Artificial Sweetener”. Both “Simple Kind of Life” (written the night before the band headed back into the studio again to record) and “Ex-Girlfriend” were last additions to the album.

Tom says that the band was really looking forward to touring the new album and playing their new material for everyone.

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  1. Aww Gwen looks cute here, I find it really interesting listening back on old interviews… can’t get over how bored all the guys look though?!?

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