Flashback Friday: Breakfast with No Doubt 2002

In honor of No Doubt Day, we’re looking back at KROQ’s Breakfast with No Doubt back on November 22, 2002 live from Disneyland in Anaheim, California. The band was up first thing in the morning for KROQ and put on a mini-acoustic concert for listeners and loyal fans that were there for this special occasion.

No Doubt were presented the Key to the City of Anaheim by former mayor Tom Daly during the broadcast and November 22 was officially deemed “No Doubt Day”.

Parts of this broadcast were included in the extras on No Doubt’s Rock Steady Live DVD released in 2003. We have uploaded the full KROQ radio live broadcast above which includes a full interview, the full acoustic set including “Just a Girl”, “Underneath It All”, “Don’t Let Me Down”, “Spiderwebs” and “Don’t Speak” and a 20 minute Q&A with fans as well as the Key to the City segment. Enjoy!

You can download the full audio .mp3s of the broadcast here.

4 Replies to “Flashback Friday: Breakfast with No Doubt 2002”

  1. 11 years ago tonight. that show recorded for the rock steady dvd was epic and really unique with the crowds supervibe and all the film cameras. the poorly edited dvd did not capture the complete magic of the night(s). had to blow this off to work:/ sweet work on making these vids J!

  2. Johanna!!! I was there too!! I didn’t know we could take cameras so I just has a disposable with my sister and we did a slide show!! It was amazing! Where were you sitting? I was front row!!

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