Flashback Friday: Speak Easy Interview

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On today’s edition of Flashback Friday, we’re looking back at No Doubt’s Speak Easy interview that aired in Australia on channel V back in 1997.

“Don’t Speak” was just about to be released in North America and they had just finished up the video prior to the interview.

The band talks about not taking their fame for granted and appreciate everything that had happened to them so far. Gwen discusses the theme behind the “Just a Girl” video and how they invited all their friends and family down to be part of the video shoot. Tony says that making a video can be a very grueling process, but the director made it so easy for them and a lot of fun.

Gwen shared that Tony is a pretty big germaphope and they all take turns razzing each other and it’s pretty funny to watch.

In the interview, Gwen talks about wanting to be a mom and a wife someday and it’s pretty surreal to watch. Gwen says that she wants to have a normal life sometime but at the same time there are so many options she feels out there for her.

Tragic Kingdom is a little joke towards Disneyland’s Magic Kingdom which the band grew up close to. Tom says they named the album Tragic Kingdom because how something on the outside can look really beautiful (Disneyland), but the surrounding area can be a little slummy, referring to parts of Anaheim. Tom says that it kind of tied the sad themes on the album together. Gwen proudly says that they were the first band to play at Disneyland that had a mosh pit, playing right in front the It’s a Small World ride.

In the video, Tom says that once their fame ends, himself and Tony planned on going back to college and getting normal jobs. Adrian’s goal was to sit at home all day and watch talk shows without interruption. Tom also said that the beach is favorite place to wind down.

The band talked about working on “Sailin’ On” and how they were first exposed to Bad Brains. Tony’s mom was actually the one who brought up contribiting their cover of the song for the MOM album. No Doubt was actually there to promote and spread the word about the compilation album and the message of keeping our oceans clean.

Gwen says that the band had been getting along really well on the Tragic Kingdom tour up to that point and discusses the tensions that came out and was presented in the “Don’t Speak” video. No Doubt has said several times in the past that making that video was very therapeutic for them as a group. Sophie Muller was the one who actually captured the live footage that is featured in the video (I didn’t even know that). Days before the iconic show in New York, doctors told Gwen that she might have had to have surgery on her vocal chords so the band ended up canceling a few dates of the tour because of that. Roseland was the last show for the band before a much needed break.

Thank you so much to Sunpist Orange for sharing the whole interview on YouTube.

5 Replies to “Flashback Friday: Speak Easy Interview”

  1. OMG this interview is fantastic seriously!! The discussion about Disneyland was very exciting because i used to sneak in all the time too lol and now I know Gwen did :). And she caused a mosh pit with mickey and minnie!!! I can’t believe they were saying the outside parts of Anaheim were such trash with prostitues. Not anymore a lot has changes since 1997!!! Great stuff and they seemed so so so happy and on top of the world. I miss them so much like this 🙂

  2. Guys they were kids back then
    They are adults now, a bit disconnected of the real world plus the industry must have chnaged them no? We all change 15 years later no?

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