Flashback Friday: 1999 Club Tour Selections

For this week’s edition of Flashback Friday, we’re looking back at a few songs from No Doubt’s intimate west coast club tour in the fall of 1999. The band treated fans to brand new songs from their upcoming album Return of Saturn including “Six Feet Under”, “Marry Me”, “Staring Problem” and they debuted an impressive cover of The Cure’s “Jumping Someone Else’s Train”. No Doubt even performed a funky take on “Just a Girl” that included an alternate breakdown in the middle that was pretty special.

Though not a lot of footage exists from the small tour, but it’s some of our favorite and we hope that the band releases more from these shows in the future.

“Six Feet Under”

“Just a Girl”

“Jumping Someone Else’s Train”

Adrian also proposed to his wife Nina onstage during the band’s stop in San Francisco which left everyone in the audience and onstage in tears.

8 Replies to “Flashback Friday: 1999 Club Tour Selections”

  1. One of their best choices for a cover song in the tour. Being a 80’s kid myself I really loved it. Not as much as I love Cure’s original song, but this is by far the best cover for that song. It was a magical time…

  2. I’m an 80s kid too and I’m a big Cure fan and that cover is amazing! I love that they didn’t picked an obvious Cure single or hit (that’s how u know they’re also huge fans).

    on a side note I remember around the LAMB era in an interview Gwen had said that she hung out with Robert Smith all night and that she wanted to collab with him for the album but it never ended happening but shed always be open to it in the future! I’d LOVE to hear a Nd/gwen song with him!

  3. Bob, a collab with Robert Smith would be 100x better than this people she’s been working with.

  4. Oh yeah! Even Billy Idol for Hateful was a better choice than all those kids she’s been collaborating with lately.

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