First Video From "Seven Days Of No Doubt" Added To Tour Widget; YouTube Video Added


Today No Doubt added the first video to the widget series “7 Days of No Doubt” to the player. I tried to rip it to YouTube with no luck, so you’ll have to watch it through the player itself, which you can find here on the right side under tour dates. But if you can’t watch it at the moment, don’t worry, it’s really nothing new, sort of. It’s new interviews with the band talking about recording “It’s My Life,” and how they wanted to record a commercial cover and all got together with their ipods to pick out a song. Tom actually was absent during that session. The choice came down to two songs, Talk Talk’s “It’s My Life” and INXS’s “Dont Change.” Adrian apparently felt really comfortable recording that song cause he had the record as a kid. The band actually went in and learned both of them, and ended up going with obviously “It’s My Life.” Producer Nellee Hooper was actually one of the deciders for the song. Gwen really loved how the song turned out, and she loves performing it live. She thinks it’s a challenge, but she loves the way it sounds and makes her feel.


Thanks so much to our buddies at EIT, here is the video uploaded to YouTube for everyone. Enjoy!

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