First Look: No Doubt Performing At Kennedy Center Honors

We hopefuly will have more photos soon — the band looked super cute in their retro Beatles inspired suits! More photos will be added here.

Washington Post — But now, alas, back into the throng. Because, Gwen Stefani, we need to talk about your pants! They were a sight: A riff on the early Beatles Edwardian suits, except. . .Skintight through the calves and thighs, and billowy baggy in the hips. Kind of like a pair of jodhpurs with enough room for a set of Depends. So controversial! And yet, will we all be wearing these next year? Gwen?

“Please wait until after dinner,” the man sitting next to Stefani said to us when we tried to tap her on the shoulder, but here’s what it sounded like to us: “How about never? How’s never work for you?” Indeed, when dinner ended, another phalanx rose up to defend La Gwen. “She’s talking,” a handler protested to us. (Indeed, lips moving, making sound, telling Christine Baranski that her towering bondage platform stilettos “look way worse than they are.”)

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