Final Video: Seven Days Of No Doubt – Vol. 7: "Spiderwebs"

Tony says that “Spiderwebs” was written at his parents’ house in Yorbalinda, California with him and Gwen sitting on his bed with a four-track recorder. The initial inspiration was Blondie’s cover of “The Tide Is High” (interesting, we always wished they would cover that song). Tony also wanted to point out that that is one of the few songs on Tragic Kingdom that was not written about him, lol. Tony says Gwen still refuses to say who the song is about (apparently only Tony knows), but she goes on how guys never asked her out cause she always had a boyfriend (Tony at the time.) Gwen says that the guy used to call her in the middle of the night and sing songs and read poetry to her. The band actually recorded the demo of it at the bandhouse, which they worked on for awhile, actually considered it a “lost song.”

In a way I’m happy they closed the series with “Spiderwebs,” it is my favorite ND song besides “Doghouse,” which would have been cool too. Ha! But seriously, THANK YOU NO DOUBT FOR THE VIDEOS!

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